The Sacred world of MANDALAS

Why create a Mandala?

♦ Because it has the regenerative and curative power to activate the latent powers of the mind. The meditative process helps to focus and open the heart to the healing power of unconditional love.

♦ Because it has a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body, thus focusing and strengthening the will to heal.

♦ Because it can bring joy as it facilitates the healing of a sense of psychological fragmentation.

♦ Because it can make the invisible visible—expressing paradoxical situations or patterns of ultimate reality that can be expressed in no other way.

♦ Because it can reveal unity between human existence and the structure of the cosmos—opening up a perspective in which things can be understood as a whole.

♦ Because it can give form and expression to an intuitive insight into spiritual truth by releasing the inner light of the soul.

Source: Judith Cornell Mandala Luminous Symbols for healing

With the power of your mind you can work changes in the life in the body as well as in the body itself. . . . Mind [consciousness or soul, including intelligence, will, and feeling] can enable you to do anything you want, but you must experiment first in little things until you fully develop that power. If you don’t constantly work at developing mind power, don’t try suddenly to depend wholly on it. . . . those who are fanatical and refuse medical help when they need it often do great injury to themselves. . . . You must use common sense.

Paramahansa Yogananda

The ultimate aim of these practices is Self-realisation—the recovery of one’s authentic Self, not the ego-personality bound by one’s individual circumstances. This greater Self is an aspect of transcendental Reality. The recovery of this Self, synonymous with enlightenment, is the mystical experiential knowing and remembering in mind, body, and soul that we are one with God.

A mandala, the Sanskrit word for “circle,” is a concrete symbol of its creator’s absorption into a sacred center.

By focusing on it. both mandala artist and meditator can open to the divine energies of deities and to the contents of his or her own spiritual and psychological self. When a practitioner wilfully illuminates and embodies a sacred image from within the psyche while in a meditative state, spiritual transformation, physical healing, and the integration of personality fragments can result.

Source: Judith Cornell Mandala Luminous Symbols for healing



I am a practical person. I am not much interested in widening my KNOWLEDGE of anything just the sake of being clever about something. If I cannot use my UNDERSTANDING of a particular subject for my own advancement, becoming WHO I MEANT TO BE, I am not interested in it any longer.

THE SYSTEM OF THE ENNEAGRAM has kept my attention for decades. The reason is that this system provides constant feedback on HOW I AM DOING with my RECOVERY from who I think I am, so I can become WHO I TRULY AM. Unfortunately, the two are not the same.

It is a must that we create LOVING CONNECTION with ourselves by embracing all that we are, both limitations and greatness.

So, my main focus with using THE SYSTEM OF THE ENNEAGRAM is DISCOVERY&RECOVERY. I am interested in GAINING AND USING the KNOWLEDGE of the ENNEGRAM to recover our REAL SELF from under the layers (octaves) of our defences.

It is misleading to assume that your ENNEAGRAM TYPE is who you are. It is actually your limitation, your defence and your fixation. Though it is not a part of us that we should dislike or shun, it is still part that we need to embrace and say goodbye to!

So, my questions are:

How to use my knowledge and understanding of my ENNEAGRAM type to my advantage?

How to recover from my difficult experiences of my past that framed how I think about myself today?

I use the SYSTEM OF THE ENNEAGRAM to detect my FALSE-SELF, find ways to heal and let go of the unreal, and discover WHO I TRULY I AM under the  layers of deceit.

The SYSTEM OF THE ENNEAGRAM is like a play-ground of adventures, discoveries and insights. However, it is up to us to use the KNOWLEDGE that we gain from these experiences to blossom ourselves into our GREATNESS.

In practical terms for example, an ENG6 must recover her/his sense of COURAGE by facing his/her deep seated FEAR of being ALONE and HELPLESS in order to find his/her STRENGTH that is the foundation of his/her PEACEFUL-WARRIOR within.

An ENG5 must move out of his/her ‘head-space’, let go of the constant need to understand the world around her/him and become actively involved in shaping his/her own life. The energy that s/he invests in analysing life must turn into physical activities so the ENG5 can experience his/her VITALITY to make things happen.

An ENG9 must get in touch with his/her sense of frustration and the underlying pain of being the ‘saviour”of the day. S/he needs to stop neglecting his/her true needs and silently projecting his/her unmet expectations onto the world. An ENG9 must learnt to be present and active in the shaping of his/her REALITY.

For an ENG7 to become successful and truly live his/her greatness, s/he must face her fear of pain and the pain of feeling ‘not good enough’, stop the crazy adventures and looking for new discoveries. An ENG7 must find the way to calm down and stay with ONE chosen interest and deepen his/her understanding of it.




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Which ENNEAGRAM type are you?

Some thoughts on the ENNEAGRAM System

It is important to mention that it can be deceiving to think that we can detect our ENG type just by doing an online text or chose the type that we are the most attracted to.

In my experience it is a trap that we should try to avoid. The ENG System is supportive and encouraging in our attempts to gain greater insight into our own world ad that of others. It is a magnificent tool in the DATING WORLD only if we use it with tact and care.

The ENG System can be rather misleading when used without the knowledge and the understanding of how the whole System works. We are all made up of all types but we all display only one ‘type’ the most. Learning your type can support you to make sense of your world (and that of others) and to develop yourself with efficiency and success.


Some additional information on the different types @HERE





An Interveiw

This interview that was made in 2011 at the Vermont VVLA with the lovely Sue Skaskiw. The topic is how to use art and creativity in personal development processes such as coaching and workshops.

Creativity vs Artistic talent

Being creative and/or having artistic talent are not the same things. There are lots of creatives out there who are not artistic at all. At the same time there are many artists who are not creative. It is like skill versus passion.

Being able to draw is partly an inherent talent, partly result of hard work and countless hours of practise. Having the ability to express the beauty in something we see or experience through visual art is a talent and does not necessarily require one to be creative. It probably takes some sensitivity and vulnerability to experience the inner, often hidden, beauties of the world around us.

A creative is someone like Richard Branson, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Elton Musk who cannot stop generating ideas and bringing them into life. These ideas are often in one particular area or business because of the ‘passion’ and ‘mission’ one holds true for oneself. Creators are highly committed to bring a major change to the world by their creations and cannot stop until they have noticed that change being embraced by humanity. Creators are visionaries. Their heads are in the clouds, they are rarely interested in the material world. They leave the earthly task such as putting their ideas into practise to those who understand their vision and mission.

Read more about the different types by WealthDynamics HERE

My thoughts on IKIGAI

Finding our path to generating wealth is not about the money but finding out who we are and following that path.

Wealth Dynamics Profiles show us what direction to take and finding our IKIGAI helps follow that direction with focus and clarity on what our mission is encapsulated in one ‘idea’ of self in action.

As we look at our IKIGAI clusters, we must first ask ourselves the question: ‘What is no longer relevant?’

What I mean by that is that we are often attached to some ideas of what we want to do with our lives, what kind of job we want to do. These attachments are often based on our upbringing or more often than not on the way we see ourselves. These two attachments are rather big traps when looking for our IKIGAI, our reason for being in ACTION.

What is not relevant is not only aspects of life that have changed greatly over the years but also what it is not relevant to us as individuals any longer. For example, in our 20’s we would probably have liked to see a world that makes Marijuana a legal drug, because we imagined the prefect world being chilled and peaceful as a result of the drug on our brains. It maybe true, however, in our forties or fifties we tend to have a wider vision of the world and its needs.

Additionally, we would have more life experience, have gone though some major changes in our lives so to have a deeper understanding of who we are and what we truly want out of life.

An ever deepening self-knowledge is key for realizing your IKIGAI.

I am so grateful

This morning I received an email from someone who decided not to join one of my programs. At first, I felt rejected. ‘Oh, why, why can’t they see how great my toy-creations are?’ – I thought to myself. There are many people who are aware of the programs that I run but they chose not to participate. I am aware that it is their right to do so. It may sound silly, but it still pains me to see people passing by without noticing the value in my little creations.

Today, however, as I was in the mists of my dismay over my sense of rejection, something shifted in me. A new feeling emerged inside of me, a sense of gratefulness. ‘How could I be grateful for someone who has just rejected me?’ – I wondered.

Then, it downed on me: I am grateful for all who comes and joins me playing together. And I am grateful for those who chose not to come. I am grateful because in their choice of not participating, they also release me form under a big burden. In their staying away, I am allowed not to crucify myself on the altar of their expectations and so I can focus on more important matters: LOVING CONNECTION with those who chose to come.



What kind of normal …?

What kind of normal do you want to get back to after the PANDEMIC is over?

A fantastic short video featuring Sir Ken Robinson who talks about the necessary change in Education System. He addresses the hostile environment we had created around ourselves and now it was time to face it and make the inevitable changes. He talks about the way we have conducted our lives since the Industrial Revolution and the massive changes it had brought on us.