I am so grateful

This morning I received an email from someone who decided not to join one of my programs. At first, I felt rejected. ‘Oh, why, why can’t they see how great my toy-creations are?’ – I thought to myself. There are many people who are aware of the programs that I run but they chose not to participate. I am aware that it is their right to do so. It may sound silly, but it still pains me to see people passing by without noticing the value in my little creations.

Today, however, as I was in the mists of my dismay over my sense of rejection, something shifted in me. A new feeling emerged inside of me, a sense of gratefulness. ‘How could I be grateful for someone who has just rejected me?’ – I wondered.

Then, it downed on me: I am grateful for all who comes and joins me playing together. And I am grateful for those who chose not to come. I am grateful because in their choice of not participating, they also release me form under a big burden. In their staying away, I am allowed not to crucify myself on the altar of their expectations and so I can focus on more important matters: LOVING CONNECTION with those who chose to come.