Therapeutic-Art Coaching Group AUTUMN

Therapeutic-Art Coaching Group Sessions
Soul-Searching through Art

I am inviting you to join me to investigate what we can do for ourselves in order to emerge from these dark times more aligned with our Essence and dreams.


  • weekly meetings/sessions on ZOOM
  • for 2.5 hours per session
  • in a small group format with 6-10 members
  • 5+1 sessions that each has a theme that are revealed throughout the program

During the meetings/sessions I use fun artistic, coaching and therapeutic-art tools as well us fun online APPs to support you making discoveries in relation to the weekly THEME. During the week following our session there are different interesting tasks to accomplish in order to gain insights related to the week’s theme. We share about our discoveries in the next session.

This short course (5+1 sessions) has two main purpose: one is that you gain deeper awareness of yourself – your thought and behavioural patterns that may or may not support you in living the life you would wish for yourself; the second aim is that you start discovering YOUR ESSENCE, the CORE of who you are and building on that, you can start looking at what YOUR PASSION, YOUR MISSION, YOUR TRUE VOCATION maybe.

As a result of the program you will become aware of your strength, unique abilities, your true interests as well as some of your hindering patterns. You will be able to take steps towards your dreams using the supportive power of a group.

THE PROGRAM is from 28 AUGUST to 2 OCTOBER 2020