What is success?

The magnificence of failure aka Redefining success

Have you tried but failed?

We all have in some ways or another. 

I am a bit like Edison – 1000 failed experiments – I have initiated numerous different products and services that so far all have failed to take off and become ‘successful’.

From a certain angle, I am the epitome of failure.

I am often ‘homeless’ (I move around a lot) and need to rely on the kindness of friends and family. I have started numerous businesses that either failed or were taken over by others who melted it into something completely different from what I had intended it to be. I created products that simply did not find the right audience. I formed inspired collaborations that could not generate enough momentum to survive. All my attempts (so far) to create something that is embraced by many, that pays my bills, that is sustainable, have failed so far.

It is also true that I become frustrated and feel discouraged sometimes. At the same time, I accept that with every trial and error there is a great learning curve. Not only have I learnt immense amounts about my inner world but I also connected with thousands of people from all over the globe. Maybe, in terms of the world, I am not successful because I have not yet come up with a product or service that the world could appreciate. It still does not make me any less of a person.

My courage, my exceptional ability to start anew, and my adaptability are my greatest achievements (so far). They are not particularly visible to the world but they are immensely valuable to me.

The world has its own definition of success. Most people buy into it. By those terms, my life may look like a failure. But I only see magnificence. I do not let others define my successes or who I am.

I am proud of myself. I think that I am a unique person, who is willing to learn, to develop, to refine, and to move on. I overcome hurdles. I never give up on myself, on the greater part of me who is a crazy inventor, a creative, and utopistic.  I endlessly strive to make the world a better place! 

That is my success.