What is CREATIVITY and how to use it?


It is the way we discover ourselves, the depth of who we truly are and how we express the Essence inside of us out in the world.

So, my areas of interest lie along these lines; Self-Discovery and Self-expression.

I have travelled a lot. I have lived in at least 4 different countries over the years and I have visited many more. I observed people, the way they live and the choices they make.

In conclusion, I have to say that most of us live in plans and routines.

Yesterday I watched a rom-com about a girl who is about to get married to an old family friend because they match so well. They had a 50 year plan of marriage, buying a house, having 2.3 kids, expanding their dental practise, and retiring in Miami. Her approach to life was ‘having a list’ and following a well thought-over plan: playing it safe.

As a result of an encounter with an old friend, this girl starts remembering her dream, as a child, to travel to Europe, to visit Paris and Rome, learn to speak French, and more.

When I asked elderly people about their regrets in Life, most of them expressed a sadness about not finding out and pursuing what brought them real joy. The world around us tells us how we should live our lives and we follow the instruction book blindly.

Creativity has nothing to do with being able to draw. Being creative means to be active, responsive, courageous, resilient, curious, and more.

A planned Life is restrained. BEING CREATIVE IS LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST, experiencing Life without planning but being present and responding to Life’s kind offers, learning from each experience with gratefulness.

The programs I run are full of opportunities to reconnect with our Core, our Essence and to discover the experiences we seek in Life.