I love Chagall because of the gentle mystical elements in his paintings. It feels as if he hardly touches the canvas with his brush as he paints his pictures. His paintings has a dreamy. They are full of floating creatures giving me the impression that they are ungraspable and momentary, like life itself.

“He was a great mystical painter and the color blue was his choice in which to represent the spiritual and transcendent side through symbolism.” He was a deeply religious person who expressed his inner visions of Spirit in his artwork. One of his most famous work, the Peace window is displayed in the building of UN in New York. It depicts Peace as the sound of musical instruments that reminds me of the Sound Current through which God (Divine) talk to us and calls us Home.

This large free-standing composition in stained glass is a memorial to Dag Hammarskjˆld, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, and the fifteen others who lost their lives in a plane crash in Ndola, Africa while on a peace mission. It is a gift from United Nations staff members and Marc Chagall, the French artist who executed the work.A detail of the stained glass composition. 1/Aug/1985. UN Photo/Lois Conner.

The Therapeutic-Art Enrichment Group Program can help you bring awareness and light to those places in your consciousness where blocks to your fulfilment hides and it will replenish your Soul.

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