I surrender all personal plans to Spirit.

“It’s not always easy to understand that we are not being punished by God, when things go horribly wrong. We have to let go of any idea that we are something separate from God. We have to release any thought that we are somehow undeserving of God’s love. We have to cleanse our consciousness, purify our thoughts to reflect that we are the Beloved of God, that the Light of God is always within.”

Fillmore writes

“There must be a renunciation or letting go of old thoughts before the new can find place in the consciousness.” 

Charles Fillmore

Personally, this is my hardest lesson. I have always been my own person. I always follow my will and what I want. It is still hard for me to let of what I think should happen in my life. So, what I do is sit with it. I find quite inside of me, then look at my wants and my desires. I acknowledge them. I tell my inner child that it is absolutely OK to want all these fantastic things to happen. I tell her that I will keep in my heart her little shopping list of life. Then I take a look at my life as it is right now. I start embracing those elements of my life that differ from the wish list. With that I let go of my expectations of what my life should be like and relax into the mystery of a plant that is being revealed to me daily. Suddenly, I get excited!

“In the fullness of time, I learn that life brings lessons, not punishment.   As we get stripped down to nothingness this spirit of love within me comforts my heart with peace; I feel the support and love all around me.”

Some of text above is borrowed from Rev. Sandy Boyer.