The ART of Connecting

Well, I am not particularly good at ‘befriending’, I don’t think, anyway.

I find meeting new people in a social setting rather awkward. I can never ask the right questions, mostly because I am not really interested in other people’s jobs and marital status. I eventually find myself playing at the kids’ table or being alone looking at the wallpaper.

When I meet new people, I am excited to know people’s thoughts on Life and the way they see themselves, not their political agenda or their shopping list. Every person is a unique being with vastness of experiences and wisdom that I do not have. Except that in most cases it is buried under heavy social conditioning.

ART cannot lie. Every picture tells a story. Each piece of ARTWORK depicts its creator in the most unique way. It reflects the disturbances of the Ego-mind and the yearnings of the Soul.

When I look at someone’s artwork without trying to analyse it, I get a feel for the person who created it. I would not know their job or marital status, but I would be introduced to a small aspect of their being.

Looking at someone’s artwork allows me to connect with the ‘artist’ in a meaningful way.