Have you heard of the ‘bulletproof coffee’ or TEDx? Do you know what they have in common? KIM HERB. He is the inventor and co-creator of both.

I love the guy. He is easy-going, funny and mighty creative!

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Herb is best known as Founder of the long-running Thinking Digital Conference. The 8th Annual Thinking Digital Conference takes place in May 2015. In addition to Thinking Digital, Herb is the founder of the TEDxLiverpool, TEDxManchester, TEDxSheffield and TEDxNewcastle. He is a Board Director for Tech City UK and an advisory board member for branded content agency Captive Minds in London.

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Mr Kim taught me that being creative means to create surfaces where others can come in an do great things.

Being creative hardly applies that one is artsy. Most creatives are not artistic at all. Being creative is to create things that others can use for even greater things. One of the most famous creators is Edison who apparently invented the lightbulb. Mr Apple, Steve Jobs, is another famous creator

Wealth Dynamics Creator profile explained by another famous creator Roger Hamilton (CLICK ON PIC)