Positive attitude vs positive thinking


Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside you, as a result of what happens to you.” “Every human being has a true genuine authentic self and the trauma is that disconnection from it and the healing is the reconnection with it.”

By thinking positive thoughts you will not become happy and contented. Thinking positive thoughts usually only covers up areas of self where there is a disturbance, only keeping it hidden from us. The disturbance must surface. It is like an aching foot, if you do not address it you may lose your ability to walk. Many of us suffered events that left us traumatized. The residue of the event still lingers in our psyche even in our body in some cases. Wrapping these in positive thoughts will not release us from the grip of the trauma. We just stay ignorant of it.

Disturbances are the results of self-judgments, unmet expectations, unacceptance of what is, shunning and such. Looking at a disturbance with loving compassion for ourselves is not dwelling in the past, neither it is recycling the painful event. It is embracing ourselves with what happened, how we felt, with the judgements and pains. We must allow the disturbance, the thoughts and the feelings, to surface so we can embrace them and let them go.

The past can heal and the disturbance can dissolve in our acceptance of it and loving ourselves with it. With positive attitude to self and life, now we can affirm that this disturbance added to the person I am today and will use it to my upliftment and growth. I love myself no matter what. Positive attitude entails awareness of self, willingness to investigate disturbances, loving and embracing oneself as is, and the knowing that regardless of appearances all is well.

One is happy and contented who has embraced oneself in one’s totality: with the good, the bad and the ugly!

The Wisdom of Trauma by Gabor Maté – upcoming film – MORE INFO (CLICK)