Let all that you do be done in love.

1 Corinthians 16:14

On this day of Advent,
I remember to see with the eyes of divine love.

Tonight we light the fourth candle of Advent and start a week of remembering that our essence is Divine Love.

It is said that Jesus was born on Christmas in a manger long ago.
Surrounded by the sounds of life, yet just outside the common way for there were no inns with rooms, they say.
No place for Mary to rest her head to birth this babe
conceived of her heart so pure and filled with Spirit’s holiness.
Though he knew not Mary of the flesh, with visions wisdom came.
This child of wonder, so much so that Joseph welcomed as his own.
This child of light that drew the shepherds from their fields and
flocks to see.
This child of awe that called the kings from far-off lands
to bear the gifts of old—frankincense, myrrh, and gold.
The star that lighted the way at night announcing the birth of Christ,
for love was born on Christmas when Jesus came to life.

Rev. Karen Romestan

… The emotion of love brings feelings of affection for one another, and we take delight when these feelings are reciprocated. The power of love, however, calls us to see from a higher place and to love for the pure joy of seeing and honoring good. This power of love doesn’t need human reciprocation, for its source, our God, is never-ending.

Rev. Karen Romestan

I love how these words encompass the true meaning of Love. Love is not an emotion that needs to be reciprocated. Emotional love is conditional and is given to be received in return. True Love lift us higher to see the greatness and real meaning of our existence to return home to God (the Source, the Divine – chose the word that works for you.)