The Feast of Saint Thomas

As I promised in my post on THE CHRISTMASES AROUND THE WORLD, I am going to share another strange but holy fun tradition: St. Thomas’ Dream. I have researched the topic and found a lot of fun facts about the Feast of St. Thomas.

Below you can read plenty about this feast that seems to have caught the attention of many generations and different cultures. The reason, I have included this particular tradition in my ‘REVERENCE TIPS’ series is because it is soooo much fun! If there is anything I am learning this Advent Season is TO HAVE FUN, no matter what.

St. Thomas day, St. Thomas gray,
The longest night and shortest day.

December 21 is usually the shortest day of the year, yet this day usually commenced the Christmas preparation of cleaning and baking. Although we no longer honor St. Thomas on this day, we can still use this day as a reminder to put in exerted efforts and start finishing our external preparations for Christmas. All the weeks before should have been more of spiritual preparation.

Super article on the Feast of St. Thomas

For those of us singletons who may be in need of some divine intervention, today is the day for you.  Traditionally, The Feast of St. Thomas is celebrated on December 21st and is the day dedicated to completing your Christmas preparations.  

How to Dream About Your Future Husband on the Feast of St. Thomas:

  1. Climb into bed using a step-stool (I guess they traditionally have tall beds in Austria?)
  2. Removed your shoes (Maybe the floors are cold there too)
  3. In the Hallmark movie she spins around three times after removing her shoes, however many sources I have found that explain The Feast of St. Thomas ritual exclude this step so it’s your call!
  4. Throw the shoes at your bedroom door, toes first
  5. Sleep with your head at the foot of the bed

Follow all of these instructions and you may dream of the man you are destined to marry.  Part of me thinks the result could be terrifying, but I may still give it a try.  I don’t necessarily want to be a half-drunk, single bridesmaid for the rest of my life.

If the above method is not to your liking, you may also try selecting a young rooster while a brood of chicks are sleeping.   There is also the English tradition of sleeping with a peeled onion wrapped in a handkerchief under your head.  The thought of having an onion under my head all night sounds disgusting and quite uncomfortable, but to each their own.

Most of this post is taken for a post from TIPSY VERSE on TUMBLR, read HERE

“Swiss tradition has it that on the night of the feast of St. Thomas, a spinster can meet her future husband in her dreams. First, she must step on a stool to get into bed. Then she must stand on her bed and take off her shoes. Then she must spin around three times and throw her shoes at the door. Finally, she must sleep with her feet on the pillows at the head of the bed. If she follows these instructions perfectly, that night she will dream of the man she is destined to marry.”


It seems that unmarried girls have many allies with the saints. In Austria, legend says that unmarried girls can see their future on St. Thomas Night, if they climb into bed over a stool and throw their shoes toward the door, the toes of the shoes pointing downward. If they sleep with their heads at the foot of the bead, the dreams will reveal visions of their future husbands. Also, if a single woman on St. Thomas Day can pick out a young rooster from among a brood of sleeping chicks, she will soon obtain a husband, or see him in her dreams.


I hope this gives you some insight into the wonders that The Feast of St. Thomas may hold.  Be sure to let me know if it works! Happy Dreaming!