Compassionate Insight

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

1 Corinthians 13:12 ESV

Why is insight into one’s self so important?

How to gain insight into one’s person, psyche, Spirit and even personal background that often determines our beliefs and the way we see ourselves and the world?

Why develop a compassionate way to support one’s unfolding and developing in Spirit and in God?


We all want to live a life that is happy, fulfilling and aligned with our higher nature. I call such a life a ‘co-creation with the Divine’. I align myself with Spirit and my highest attributes and live them to their fullness and to my heart’s content. According to Dr Csiksznetmihalyi, living in a state of Flow which is being aligned with oneself and allowing life to guide us through life without fear and resistance is the highest and most satisfying way of living or existing.

So, why don’t we all live life this way?

In my observation, most people live a life that was determined by their upbringing, circumstances, racial and economic background. Often without conscious awareness of our life choices, we simply find ourselves in a life that does not somehow resemble what we desire and wish for ourselves and what God intends for us in Its Grace and Loving for us. The Divine Spirit fills us with abilities, attributions, possibilities beyond our wildest imagination and still we often life lives that are mediocre at best.

As a result, many people become frustrated or even better because somehow we feel that we do not live up to our highest potential.

How could we, though? We are not aware of what blocks them or limits them from becoming the best version of themselves. We do not have insight into who we truly are in God, our unique attributes and skills and the mental and emotional block that hinder us in becoming.

Gaining insight and becoming aware of one’s self, person, psyche, Spirit, personal background, etc.  is an effort and a process that often takes years to undertake. It is, however,  worth the effort! As a result of  insight and awareness into who we are and who we are not give us understanding and choices that we did not have before.

As we walk the rocky journey of discovering we gain awareness of what blocks us experiencing God’s Love and care of us, we can release these limitation then we can move into a higher level of connectedness and communion with God. The space within us that we clear by releasing limiting thoughts and emotions are automatically filled with God awareness.

So, why don’t we all walk the journey of insight and awareness? As far as I can see, it is often because we fear judgment. We often grow ups with being judged for our ‘mistakes’, our faults, and flaws. So, we learn to hide them. When we start looking at our own fears, limitations, and foibles, we immediately start judging them that creates pain and separation within us.

So, the most important component of the insight-journey is compassion. With each crams of awareness we must bring in the same amount of living-attention or compassion. In a way, we drive God’s Love into our dark places. With that we create a non-judgmental environment for ourselves to heal and grow.

Finally, as we release our limitations and embrace our God-like nature through the journey of compassionate insight, we naturally move more into the flow of Spirit, we connect deeper into our Oneness with God. As a result of being more aligned with the Divine, we naturally start experiencing and living our attributes in God and we move into in the Flow. In that movement, we instinctively co-create with God.

What are the ways and tools that can support you to gain compassionate insight, a deeper understanding of yourself?

There are many ways to gain insight. There are numerous  books, seminars, workshops, retreats, classes, etc. that support self-awareness and self-understanding. I, myself, have taken countless classes, attending many workshops and classes to deepen my self-understanding. However, the methodology that touched me and supported me the most was a combination of art and spirituality. Art helps me to see parts of me that is hidden behind layers of misconceptions. The sacredness of the spirituality approach helps me  become compassionate and be able to embrace my flaws and foibles. 

I offer creative, artistic, therapeutic- art tools for insight, releasing limitations, healing, completion and regaining wholeness.