Contemplation – Day9

East, west, south, or north makes little difference. No matter what your destination, just be sure to make every journey, a journey within. If you travel within, you’ll visit the whole full World and beyond.”

The moment I catch myself complaining, I start to count my blessings.

It amazes me how much the daily rules and affirmations line up with my experiences. Yesterday, I started a new journey. I flew to another country, I encountered numerous hiccups that I would usually react to. This time, however, probably partly due to the fact that I was exhausted, I stayed calm. I kept on telling myself to step back and observe – literally! 🙂 The flight was delayed, my seat way taken, then denied to take an empty one, was reminded that the insurance I had bought through the broker was a waste of money, no one bothered to show me how the car that I have never driven before worked, the hotel I had booked my accommodation was closed for the winter season. As soon as, my mind started to complain (inwardly), I just kept on telling myself (inwardly) to BREATHE! instead of ‘speak’. It worked.

The next day, I looked at my journey again, from an inner point of view and what I saw was: a disabled man who moved so I can sit down on the plane; the Divine supporting me to drive through an unknown part of the world in an unfamiliar car in the rain; I ‘by accident’ found the hotel where my reservation was – not the one I had booked in – and the receptionist remembered having seen my name on the guest list; the weather was supposed to be miserable but instead it was glories so I went to sightsee; when I could not start the unfamiliar car, a kind and patient lady explained the ‘hows’ to me on the phone. I am still counting … 

God works in mysterious ways … if I let IT. 

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