40 Rules of Love Series – Easter Monday

40 Rules o f Love

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Today, I looked at my journey of the past 40 days. I looked at some of the posts I created and shared and saw my ups and downs. I feel so much compassion and gratitude. I feel compassion towards parts of me who was challenged, who was in pain, who shed tears, and who was angry and upset at times. I am grateful that I was encouraged to walk the journey of release and embrace. I am in awe of that part of me who was willing to show up day after day for 40 days to read the booklet, create a post, and share her journey. I am grateful for those who read the posts and responded to them by sharing their own journey with me.



Today, I invite YOU to look at your Lenten Journey with Loving eyes and see the amazing work YOU have done. See that in your commitment to creating a closer relationship with the Divine and the Loving that is so impalpable in this word, you have become a representative of God. YOU walk as an ambassador of the Light spreading Loving Kindness and Peace in the world wherever you go. God Bless You!

*Rules are from ’40 Rules of Love’ by Novel by Elif Shafak. See more about the book here (click)  

We have walked this journey together!

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