An Uncommon Pastor OLD

Originally, I am a creative-educator who integrates God’s reality and absoluteness into her work. I am also a reverend who is in the process of gaining a Master’s Degree in Theology at HOLOS University. On a personal level, I am learning to co-create with God. The different educational and creative programs I offer all have an element of
God’s Spark in them.

On a personal note
In my view, Life is made in co-creation with God whether one is aware of the process or not. When we allow God to guide us our Life gets lighter. At the same time, we are responsible for the creation of our life because we have free will to decide what course of action to take. We should use this gift wisely.

I started writing about my Life-Journey because I was interested in myself and others. I believe that God resides inside of us all as a spark of unique features and abilities. We are made up of various layers that is exciting to investigate. The personality’s or often called Ego’s attitude and actions often show us these extraordinary abilities in reverse. The Ego uses our one-of-a-kind attributions to protect itself whereas the Soul, the Spark of God, is forced aback. Our exceptional intelligence is employed to defend a fearful and wounded self. As we release our fears and misconceptions of ourselves and that of the world, we start recovering the special qualities of the Soul that is to inspire and contribute. As we mature in the forgiveness process, we start fully living our God-Self delighting ourselves and God in the meantime.

On this site you can find all the different creative interests I pursue.