Intimacy vs Loneliness

In this podcast I talk about relationship patters and how true intimacy can be achieved and how to avoid being lonely in a relationships. I touch on being an odd ball and how we can handle being different and still being OK with it. I also go into details about relationship roles and how to change them. I call these Maverick Relationships.

Why is it so scary being yourself?

I am not sure exactly. But there is an element of unsafely in being true to ourselves that is almost inexplicable. The only way to notice this fear is to sit in the silence for a while and watch how the nerve-wracking inner tension caused by the world starts easing away.

The more I put myself out there with my little creative treasures, the more scary it gets. Being refused or rejected is not a great feeling but tolerable. However, for me, being ridiculed for my most precious gifts is heart-breaking.

We all have these little pearls of great price within us, the unique attributes of our soul.

As children, each time we were told off for having drawn on the wallpaper or on the furniture, or when we were punished to be too energetic and running around the house, or when we put into detention for chatting during the class with a classmate who needed our support, we learn that we are not OK as we are.

As a result of that, we start hiding our little precious treasures and start wearing a mask that reflects what the world around us wants to see us being. With that inner betrayal, we loose contact with ourselves and turn to the world for satisfaction and love.

When we take the courage to start turning within, first we must confront the pain of treachery. Not easy. Sometimes it takes years of forgiveness to release the pain caused by our disloyalty. And it is still not the end of the road.

As soon as, we regain our sense of true self, a trust issue starts emerging with an immense sense of fear saying ‘what if it happens again? What if you betray me again? How can I trust you again?’ Will you now stay by my values and needs or will you sell out again?’

This is the second leg of the journey, walking though the fires of fear.

Different is good

In this podcast I talk about how a genius, someone with a higher level of awareness, can make a positive difference in the life of those around him. (Read some information on the circumstance of this performance below.)

Some facts

One of the most widely-circulated links after Prince’s death was a video of his induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

It sees Prince joining an all-star version of the Beatles’ While My Guitar Gently Weeps, backed by Tom Petty, Steve Winwood and George Harrison’s son, Dhani. He keeps to the sidelines until the final two minutes, when he steps forward to deliver one of the most breathtaking guitar solos you’ve ever seen, full of fluttering high notes and ringing harmonics.

Amazingly, Prince never rehearsed this moment with the band. At a run-through the night before it was Jeff Lynne’s guitarist, Marc Mann, who took the solo.

“Prince doesn’t say anything, just starts strumming, plays a few leads here and there, but for the most part, nothing memorable,” recalled Joel Gallen, who directed the ceremony.

But when the big moment came, Prince stole the show. At one point, he turned to face Petty and Harrison, then fell backwards into the audience – while still playing – before strutting off stage, throwing his guitar into the air before the song ended.

“You see me nodding at him, to say, ‘Go on, go on,'” Petty told the New York Times. “I remember I leaned out at him at one point and gave him a ‘This is going great!’ kind of look.

“He just burned it up. You could feel the electricity of ‘something really big’s going down here.'”

Prince later claimed he had never even heard the song before it was sent to him to learn for the performance.




What does it mean to be ORIGINAL and how to live it? As I child I remember having an odd effect on other children that made them run away from me. Most of my classmates and teachers did not like me very much. Apparently, I was too intense to be around.

There was only a handful of kids who were willing to play with me. Most of them are still my friends today. We were never a gang or a group but we spent time with each other during breaks or after school, mostly one on one. 🙂

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Easter Rebirth



The origin of Easter is rooted in an ancient pagan tradition, the celebration of the goddess, Eostre, who heralded the beginning of spring. While the name “Easter” is used in the English-speaking world, many cultures refer to it as “Passover” or “Pascha”. Early Christians chose to celebrate the resurrection of Christ around the time of Passover because Jesus died during the Passover festival and his followers believed he was resurrected from the dead three days later. So. it was logical to commemorate these events in close proximity.

More importantly, however,

each of these traditions is rooted in a story of OVERCOMING and BECOMING.

These stores depict the overcoming of ‘exile’ or ‘death’ and of being renewed. And this is the key. Resurrection (according to the Christian tradition) is a time of renewal and becoming of Spirit. So, as we approach the Easter festivities,

we are asked to contemplate on blossoming and becoming of the ‘I AM’.

Very truly, I tell you , the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these

John 14:12, NIV

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Stretton Smith in his 4T class tells of the experiment at the University of Chicago many years ago. The directors of the experiment divided a group of students into three groups and were going to test them on the ability to shoot hoops through a basket. None of the students were basketball players. 

The first group was tested to shoot from the foul line and then told to go home and forget about the test. The second group was tested and told to go home and actually practice shooting baskets for an hour each day for the next 30 days The third group was tested and told to go home and imagine shooting baskets for one hour each day for the next 30 days. 

After thirty days, all three groups were tested again. There was no change in the first group, the ones who were told not to practice. The second group who actually practices improved by 24%. And the third group which tried to improve by just imagining shooting hoops, improved by 23%. 

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Dream vs Experience


In Pixar Animation Studios’ feature film “Soul,” Joe Gardner is a middle-school band teacher whose true passion is playing jazz. A single unexpected step sends him to the cosmic realms where he finds the “You Seminar”—a fantastical place where Joe is forced to think again about what it truly means to have soul.

In Pixar Animation Studios’ feature film “Soul,” Joe Gardner is a middle-school band teacher whose true passion is playing jazz. A single unexpected step sends him to the cosmic realms where he finds the “You Seminar”—a fantastical place where Joe is forced to think again about what it truly means to have soul.

So, I watched the film.. (Must see, by the way!) In my understanding, the film depicts the Soul’s journey into and out of the physical realm as well as shows the kind of choices we make to experience the soul’s journey. Beyond all that, it personally talked to me about Passions and dream. I am not sure that my interstation is what the makers intended. Nevertheless, it made me contemplate on Life, Dreams, Passions, Fulfilment, and the Greater Journey called Life.

This animation reminded me that Life is not meant to be about pursuing dreams and passions but about experiencing the journey. Our Dreams are only signpost of what maybe or what’s possible.

I do not want to suggest that we float though life. I am talking about releasing attachment of what should be. Wishing to express and fully be present to the I AM within is not the same as pursuing a dream.

The Divine Spark within wants to express itself with the help of our EGO self. Often, however, the EGO self takes over and wants to run the show. And when it does, it is never satisfied. Nothing is ever enough. This is when life becomes an endless pursuit of happiness.

Personally, the film was a powerful reminder of how I waste my life away by constantly being fixated on something to ‘get’. My mind is endlessly occupied with what needs to be done. It is locked in the grip of ‘wanting’ and ‘needing’ until it gets what it desires.

In the film, there is a moment when the main character, Joe, says after his most precious dream has just come true: ’ Is that it’?

OMG, countless times have I experienced the same! As soon as I get what I so wanted, it dissipates and in the vacuum immediately a new dream pops up. I can pursue dreams until the cows come home because I have the stamina to do so. I have manifested most of my crazy ideas but sadly in the meantime I have mostly forgotten to just walk the journey. I can be so fixed on the end result that I forget that the journey, the way I get there is much more important than what I get at the end of it.

We are all hooked on a dream or a goal that keeps us busy until we reach. But as soon as we do, we are on to the next dream without noticing the journey, the living, the I AM. Maybe, it is time to stop and remember these great quotes from the film:

Life is full of possibilities. You just need to know where to look. Don’t miss out on the joys of life. Like, uh, Pizza… Get ready, your life is about to start!

Joe Gardner (SOUL)