Compassionate Insight

thru Art and Creativity

Do you feel that sometimes you are undeservedly judged by others?

Do yo feel unappreciated or misunderstood?

Are you afraid of others’ criticism?

Are you afraid of making changes because you are afraid that you may bad make mistakes?

When we feel judged, unappreciated, misunderstood, devalued, condemned, in reality, it is ourselves who does that through negative-self-talk. We simply see our own ‘bad self-view’ reflected back to us by others. When we are afraid to make changes in fear of the mistakes we may make, it is because we ‘pre-judge’ our actions and doubt ourselves.


What is compassionate Insight?

It is a tool to help you discover where you have a ‘breakdown’ in your relationship with yourself. It is also a communication tool for you. It is a tool to help you heal and blossom by embracing yourself as you are in the moment. It focuses on creating a better relationship with ourselves and yourself s a result becoming happier and more contented regardless of the environment you find yourself in. The key to a happier world on the outside, is inside!

Listen to this video to learn more:

Every practice meeting will bring you closer to the truth of who you are.

The small-group – maximum 14 people – practice meeting will support you to gain insight into your thinking habits and negative self-talk that are against you. You will practice how embrace and love yourself with compassion ‘no matter what’. As a result you will have a better relationship with yourself and others. Guaranteed!

Each two-hour practice meeting consists of a meditation type of task, a creative endeavor and some discussion on how to incorporate our compassionate insight into our daily life

Each meeting covers a different topic that we will experiment with. The themes are chosen randomly and will be revealed upon registration. Possible themes: What is compassion?; The benefits of Compassion; Mindfulness as Compassion; Resistance to Compassion; Loving-Kindness; Self-compassion towards different parts of ourselves; Compassion tards others; Fogginess; Self-Appreciation, and more.

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