Core Values

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We are going through a mega-change on a global level. You may not be aware of it just yet, but business analysts have been sharing information on this change that will greatly affect the way we approach different aspects of our lives.

Roger Hamilton from GeniusU (FB PAGE) is a entrepreneur and trainer who shares his tips through different courses and webinars. Roger Hamilton particularly supports entrepreneurs to understand these new trends in business but to understand and follow his ideas are essential to us all.

It is the very moment when we can reflect on the way we have lived so far, how we have managed our time, finances, life energy and make those changes that will support us in a New World that is about to become.

In order to feel less lost and fearful we need to prepare ourselves to meet this new World after the Pandemic is over.

Roger talks about different steps we must take in order to support ourselves to meet the needs of this New World.

The very first step in this process is ‘CONNECTING WITH SELF’ or ‘meeting your IKIGAI.

IKIGAI is who you are in your CORE. If you want to feel safe and not dragged left and right by the different media generated fearful messages you must connect with your inner ‘KNOWING’. This is the place where your CORE VALUES lie. Your CORE VALUES are your guiding lights in a dark and fear-filled world.

Without being in touch with your CORE VALUES it is impossible to know how you truly want to live your life.


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