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I have about 20 odd years of experience in different educational and developmental settings in various parts of the world, especially in Europe. I have also acted as a coach for both children and adults for over 15 years now. I run my own self-designed courses sharing my knowledge and experience in the fields of personal development, creativity and creative self-expression (coaching) as an educator and coach with all those who wish to improve their own life experience and/or provide support to children or colleagues. I am also an accomplished artist and musician who uses her love for art and music in her work as a coach/trainer.

My passion is children and all those who are forever young at heart.

As a philanthropist I support various causes related to children. I help fundraising for Coins-for-Kids Programs that supports children living in Orphanages in Hungary and Bulgaria.

Coins for kids Program Website

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If you wish to read about the various programs I run in collaboration with others in various parts of the world, and the products I created, all under the brand name Spirit’n Art Works™ , please visit these websites:

Fostering Creativity

SnailFarm – The Snails

SnailFarm Creative Writing Project

Storytelling Digitalized 101

Spirit’n Art Works

Educational Coaching Program

Kidz Dream Factory Developmental Program

Leadership Programs 101&102


My unique strength lies in my ability to align my creations with the needs of those who wish to partake in them.  When providing these programs, I can also strike a healthy balance between intellectual understanding (heady) and practical (hands on) experiences.

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 My convictions

CREATIVITY IS LIFE ITSELFIt is the way we discover ourselves, the depth of who we truly are and it is also the tool through which we express our uniqueness in the world.

Self-Discovery and Self-expression

Most of us belong to one of the two kids of people: the one who lives a huge chunk (if not all ) of his/her live being driven by somebody else’s idea of success; the other kind tries to avoid meaningful existence altogether and so lives in meaningless routines.

Upon visiting an old people’s home, I asked elderly people there about their regrets in life. Most of them expressed some sadness over not having found out what really brought them joy and happiness or not having pursued these very things more fully.

The world around us tends to declare who we are, and we senselessly comply with somebody else’s definition of who we are.

It is my personal responsibility to find out who I truly am ‘when nobody’s watching’ and follow my inner calling wherever it may take me. My main job, above all the other roles I play in my life, is to make myself happy.



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