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I am sure that as an educator (teacher, social worker, care provider or whoever work professionally with children and young people) and as a parent you are aware that there are many ways in which you can support children to improve their performance. In most cases, we tend to support them to learn and retain facts of knowledge, do their homework, to stay and be healthy. However, often, we seem to lack the skills to support them meet their potentials especially in fields that are really meaningful to them and to become capable and happy adults.

During this course you will gain a clear understanding on how important it is to set goals in order to improve performance. This coaching programme does not seek to advise you on how to teach your specialist subject(s) or how to be a ‘good’ parent. Instead it explores how the skills of educational coaching can be used to help your pupils /children to succeed and overcome specific barriers hindering them from succeeding and becoming contented with their lives.

Therefore, coaching is one of the most critical skills to be mastered by teachers and parents alike.

Educational Coaching has six modules:

  1. General Coaching + Methods + 5 Love Languages of Children + Coaching Practice
  2. Communication Tools + Listening Skills (NLP tools)
  3. Different Coaching Models for children and teens
  4. Other tools 1: Systemic Constellation, Transactional Analysis,
  5. Other tools 2: Art Therapy + Story Therapy + Music Therapy Techniques
  6. Practise in Educational Settings

Each module intends to provide you with practical advice and techniques that you can use in the classroom/ with your children in order to support your child/ pupils to succeed and make the best of themselves. As you can see from the program description above this offers practical skills and tools based on NLP (neuron-linguistic programming), different coaching methods and typologies, TA, Systemic Constellation, art therapy apart from introducing different coaching programs designed for children and teenagers to be used by the Educational Coach.

When you have completed the program you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and understanding of different factors that influence behaviour and performance
  • Demonstrate an understanding of methods use dot change behaviour in an educational setting
  • Suggest appropriate techniques to support others to deepen their self-awareness
  • Suggest appropriate techniques to maximize individual performance in various coaching situations

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