You are invited to join our next GRATITUDE ART JOURNALING CHALLENGE!

30-day Gratitude ART Journaling Challenge from 3 January! 🙂 Free Event!

I wonder if there are things that you would like to have more of in your life?

Expressing your Gratitude to what you already have is the fastest and easiest way to generate them!

To support your Gratitude practice, I am running a 30-day Gratitude ART Journaling Challenge in January 2022. Participation is free of charge.

By registering (pls see below) to participate in the ‘challenge’ you will gain access to an introductory video on how to do GRATITUDE ART JOURNALING. Taking part is free of charge.

When is the Challenge?

The challenge will run for 30 days from the 3rd of January, Monday (until the 2nd of February, Wednesday) 2022.

What will you be doing?

You are asked to create a piece of GRATITUDE ARTWORK and share it on our PADLET.

What will you need?

  • A smallish plain paper sketch booklet. Please choose one with thicker pages.  Or a few pieces of drawing paper. The size of the booklet or the sheets of paper is not important. Chose the size that you are comfortable with.  I use an A6 Paperchase sketch book. (Please see pictures below)
  • Lots of cultured pencils sharpies, felt-tips and crayons
  • A sharpener and maybe a ruler too
  • PADLET application on your phone.  SEE MY PADLETS HERE (CLICK) AND HERE (CLICK)


NOTE: You can join us at any time during this 30 day period and you can continue your practice until the 30 day is up or hopefully beyond that. 🙂

REGISTER to take part in the 30-day Gratefulness Journaling Challenge BELOW by filling in the form (If you have any questions please send them in the ‘message’ box. Thank you!

In response to your registration, I will send you the video link to the 30-day GRATITUDE ART JOURNALING CHALLENGE with instructions.