My story (old)


Well, I am one of those people who was told, at a rather tender age, to forget about all that I wanted or was interested in. I was to be one of the brick layers of our regime and was supposed to get a proper education and then a proper job.

I was lucky because I was not cut off from education completely at the age of 14 like many of my fellow school mates at the time.  After finishing my elementary studies, I could go on and study economics and foreign trade. I was really bad at it. So bad, in fact, that I soon needed to find something else to do. After a few futile tries, I eventually,  went to university and trained to become a teacher of the English Language.

After having taught for a couple of years, I soon became fidgety. Though, I liked my subject and being a teacher I could not stand the routines of everyday life. Deep inside, I knew that Life was meant to be fully lived, but how? How? I felt that I desperately needed some change but I did not know what it was so I decided to  try my luck elsewhere.

After leaving my roots and origins behind,  I soon realized that I got a once of a lifetime opportunity to redefine myself as a human being and delete other people’s ideas of who I was meant to be. As I later understood, it actually takes a lifetime to do that but the earlier you start the further you get!

After my short visit to the US, I arrived to the UK and almost immediately, I became an active member of various personal development seminars. I took advantage of any opportunity that had come my way to discover and develop myself to any degree possible.

In the meantime, my vocational interests chanced as well, so I trained to be a Coach and a trainer.

The more I investigated myself, the more I realized that I am made of different layers with a stern core at the Heart: God’s unique Spark. Soon, I felt the calling to immerse myself in experiencing God and see what He has in store for me. As a next step, I trained to be a Minister so I could share my ‘findings’ on God with others.

Like I said before, the journey never ends. I have still been peeling off  layers of who I am not while discovering who I am in God’s eyes. On the way, I do my best to support others to do the same.

Probably, my greatest discovery so far was my inherent creativity.

Creativity equals freedom, freedom of choice; the choice of who I want to become. Growing up during a suppressed area actually supported me greatly in cultivating a desire to become free and find myself beyond the fear, abuse and oppression; to find who I truly am.

IMG_6422 2

Besides courage it took a great deal of creativity to set myself off on this journey and create a life I desired. This journey is still on.

 The happiest is the one who is aligned with oneself in his/her every deeds. Life that is lived to the fullest is the only one worth living. (ik)

Creativity is Creation itself. I cannot create without knowing the Creator within. So, my journey took me to discover my different layers until I arrived to the Creator, my Core,  that resides inside myself. My only task way to find to align myself with the Creator and follow the guidance.

Today I create different types of artwork, play music and above all I support others to find their own unique ways of expressing themselves.

Creativity is not only for the one with artistic veins but for us all. We are all special beings who can express ourselves the most unique and magnificent ways for our enjoyment and benefit.


Carpe diem!