‘I AM’ Task

Follow the instructions below.


  1. Make a list of 6 people. They could be friends, family, hero’s, someone who inspired you, humanitarian, celebrity, living or dead.
  2. Write down the qualities and attributes that you admire about each person
  3. Are there reoccurring qualities and attributes? These represent a theme that you are drawn to or shall I say that is being drawn from you?

How about starting with these attributes first? Create affirmative sentences in the present tense that reminds you of the individualized I AM that you are.

As an example, the attributes that came up for me were: COURAGE + CHARISMATIC; CREATIVE + VISIONARY; SPEAK UP + CONFIDENT IN THEIR TRUTH; EDUCATOR. I created the following affirmation: 

I AM a courageous and charismatic creative-educator who confidently speaks her truth.