SnailFarm About

They represent stability.

Their own security is carried in their own hearts.

They suggest that gaining stability maybe a steady and rather slow process, at a snail’s pace.

They have connection to planetary energies ( ground dwelling creatures) and to the Universe’s sacred geometry (shell).

The spiral (on the shell) signifies radiating consciousness, inner-centeredness that exudes outwardly, it also emanates positive change in the environment and community.

They represent wholeness, they are merged being, hermaphrodites (both possess male and female reproductive organs) however they still need another snail to reproduce.

Also the shell of a snail represents the magical Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio.

The anatomy of a land snail is very different from many other animals in the world.

Shells serve as a way to protect snails from the environment and even from predators in some cases.The shell of a land snail is made up of calcium carbonate. The shell becomes very strong and remains that way as long as the snail consumes a diet that is full of calcium. Without it the shell will start to crack. Since the rest of the body is very soft and slimy, they must have a hard shell if they are going to survive the elements in the world around them.

They shell is a safe haven for the snails to reside in. When they sense danger around them, putting the whole body into the shell is their line of defence. You will also find that snails spend a great deal of time in their shell when the weather is very hot and dry. Otherwise their moist bodies will dry out.

Snails have one or two sets of tentacles that are on top of the head. The number of pairs will depend on the species you are describing. For species with both sets of tentacles, you will find that the eyes are present on the longer set and smell in the shorter set. You may not always see these tentacles though as all land snails have the ability to retract them.

The snail has a very small cerebral ganglion (a collection of nerve cells that serve as the brain) that is known to have four different parts to it. Although this is a rudimentary (imperfectly or incompletely developed) brain, they have more ability for associative thinking than most people give them credit for. Some research shows that they do take part in associative thinking, which is based on conditioning and experiences that they take part in.

The mouth of a snail is found at the bottom of the head, close to the tentacles.

There is a foot on land snails, which allow them to move forward. There is contracting and expanding in this muscle that allow them to have movement. To make this movement smoother and to avoid injuries, land snails produce mucus (slime) to help the foot slide. While moving, snails leave behind a trail of mucus. This mucus acts as a powerful lubricant to reduce friction against the surface. This is why they are able to move upside down, around corners, and other situations. Without this mucus under them, the environment would be too hard for their soft bodies to move along without injury. Even though they do move slowly there is a rhythm to it that they will follow over and over again.

It is a myth that this mucus is going to make humans ill. Many people worry that snails being in their garden will ruin the foods grown there and make them unfit for consumption but that is all false.