The program is based on Dr Judith Cornell’s philosophy of ‘drawing the light form within’ and expressing it in the forms of Spiritual Quality Mandalas.

The program intends to

· enhance the flow of creativity

· ignite the Spirit

· support developing trust in the inner artist and creator

· initiate shift in consciousness

Unlike most art, craft and creativity inspired workshops, this program is spiritual not technical or methodological. Though we create Mandalas using a specific technique, my specific intention is for every participant to have meaningful spiritual experiences rather than creating a work of art.

These promotional videos can give you an idea what the program is like.


Every Mandala you make will bring you closer to the truth of who you are!

Based on Dr. Judith Cornell’s Mandala Luminous Symbols for Healing this is a monthly themed mandala making program with the intention of making joyful and light-filled discoveries.

Mandala means “sacred circle” or “container of essence” in Sanskrit. The circle is a symbol of wholeness that has been used in ancient traditional healing worldwide.

The Mandala Art process I practice was developed by Dr. Judith Cornell as a modern expression of ancient sacred arts. We use a simple colouring technique with white and coloured pencils on black paper to create luminous symbols representing aspects of wholeness. ‘Shades of Light’ technique symbolizes the way light shines through the dark similar to our Spirit emerging from the darkness of matter.

Mandala is a form of Energy Expression in which the vibrations of Intention, circular symbols, light, colour, and sound are used for bringing forth the Divine from within and supporting personal transformation. We create luminous symbols using meditative and creative visualization of sound, colour, and light then use white and coloured pencils on black paper to support transformation and manifestation of intentions.

No previous art experience or talent is required. Following the class, participants can continue creating heart centred mandalas for various spiritual qualities. Resources for further practise are supplied.

Making Mandalas this way allows you to experience the spiritual benefits of art-making!


Participants will practice the ‘scales of light’ technique developed by Dr Judith Cornell after which everyone will follow a per-recorded meditation and visualization. Finally, we will create an inspired spiritual quality Mandala based on our inner experiences.

The prerecorded audio-visual material displayed on a website will be made available for each of the participants. This way participants can enjoy the meditation – or re-listen to it if needed – in good quality on their own device.

Apart from meditative practices and drawing, participants will learn about the history of Mandala making, Dr Judith Cornell’s story, how Mandala making can support our spiritual practices and meditation, and how one can benefit from the healing powers of self-created Mandalas.

Participants will be invited to take part in additional short exercises that enhance self- and spiritual-awareness.


I have created artwork and engaged in art related projects since childhood. However, it was not until my early twenties during university years – that were stressful and painful in many ways – that I started to use art as a form of release, expression and healing.

I attended numerous art, coaching, and facilitator training courses in different parts of the world before I created and ran my first program that offered art as a supportive tool in the personal and spiritual growth process. That was about 15 years ago.

Since then, I have developed numerous training programs and workshops using art as a tool with different purposes in collaboration with international organisations.

The Mandala Making Program is close to my heart because it focuses purely on our relationship with the Spirit within. Though I am a teacher by trade this course enables rather than teaches participants to experience a deepening inner connections with our Spirit-Self (higher-self).

Though it may sound contradictory, this program is entirely about allowing instead of creating. This has been my greatest lesson in life: to allow Spirit’s forever present Love to flow through me by focusing into it rather than trying to control the creative process.

(Please note that I use the word ‘Spirit’ in a broader sense, encompassing all our understanding of God, Higher-self, Divine, Higher-consciousness and more. )


By taking part in the classes, participants will benefit from spending a considerable amount of time in a meditative state of being and will have the opportunity to display an inner experience in a beautiful piece of art.



Though, the program is entirely a new creation, materials are used from various sources and combined together in a unique way.

List of main resources and inspiration:

Dr Judith Cornell

Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing 

Drawing the Light from Within: Keys to Awaken Your Creative Power

Jeanne Achterberg

Imaginary in Healing

Julia Cameron

Artist Way

Vein of Gold

I occasionally use excerpts from these resources during the program to support understanding of mandala making traditions and Dr Judith Cornell’s philosophy of ‘drawing the light form within’ and expressing it in the forms of Spiritual Quality Mandalas.

Additionally, I use coaching techniques and offer New Thought ideas and practises as well as other spiritual and meditative practises in my classes such as breathing techniques, mindfulness and right brain movements techniques.


The program takes 3 hours per class. Ending may vary depending on technical readiness. Suggested number of consequential classes is between three and six.

Though Mandala making can be enjoyed without any previous knowledge of drawing techniques, nevertheless, ‘scales of light’ technique is practised in every class in order to support participants to create their artwork with ease and skill.


I recommend the class for anyone who wishes to experience and harness the spiritual benefits of art making. During the Mandala Making class participant can experiment with creating affirmative and healing Mandalas for different occasions. The class enables participants to produce a piece of unique art expressing their inner experiences.


It makes me very happy that participants of my programs come from all over the Globe. At this link below, you can find video testimonials from participants who attended different programs I run.


“Ildiko makes the process of producing a meaningful, inspired piece of personal artwork easy. Perfectly paced, her session worked brilliantly on line and it was great to connect with other participants and share the experience.” Nichola, UK

“I attended a number of Mandala Classes. It has been many years since I delved into art. The class was held in a really safe way, it was inclusive , freeing and extremely rewarding. I found myself doing a bit of painting and drawing outside of the class. This has proved to be wonderful. I personally thoroughly enjoyed learning about light and shadow through the classes. I liked the mixture of Art and Meditation.

I liked the ease and flow of the teaching style. I liked that I could share my work with the group and people could make observations and make comments in my and others work.

Had a lot of inspired moments during the sessions.” Sue, UK

I joined Ildiko’s online Mandala workshops in 2020.  I had worked with mandalas before but this was my first time participating online and I wasn’t sure how well the experience would translate.  Ildiko’s care and loving presence made the workshops very rewarding and I did not feel disconnected at all despite being half a world away.  Her attention to detail is obvious and she is able to support everyone with patience and expertise.  I would recommend Ildiko’s workshops to anyone wanting to explore with a facilitator who is sincere and dedicated to her practice.  Noeline (Melbourne Australia) 


I was born in Budapest, in Hungary. I grew up during the socialistic regime that lasted until 1989. I studied economics in high-school and I was an English major at University. I have a BA in English literature and English as a foreign language. I am a teacher by trade.

By the time I finished University, I had become restless. I felt that there was something more to life than what I had been experiencing so, I left Hungary and moved to the New York in 1996. With that my journey of self-discovery begun. I spend endless hours reading and discussing questions of philosophy with my new found friends from all over the globe. The next step on my journey took me to London.

As soon as I arrived to the UK in 1998 I got involved with different non-profit organizations running personal enrichment programs, such as Insight Seminars UK, AFASIC Charity, and similar.

In 2004, when Hungary joined the European Union, I returned to set up a not for profit organization that delivered personal education programs for both children and adults. I ran the company and some of the programs until about 2011. In the meantime, I trained to be a trainer and coach and deepened my knowledge of the Arts and Crafts.



These artworks on this Padlet (CLICK HERE) were created by the participants and myself during the Mandala Making Classes.