Self-Acceptance Day1

We tend to talk a lot about and so have a clear understanding of different issues in our lives. 

We discuss meditation, talk about why mindfulness is so cool, or why self-awareness helps us become more successful.


By reading and talking about something we do not ‘know it’. We gain a mental understanding of the topic but we do not have a personal experience of it, neither do we ‘own’ it.

Self-acceptance is one of such topics. Self-acceptance is something we ‘should’ do by practicing it and finding our the best way to go about it so to know we really ‘own’ it!

Mostly, we need to do the very things that we do not feel like doing because it is outside of our comfort-zone.

I would like to invite you to take this challenge and practice self-acceptance so you can experience it and own in.

The challenge will go on for a few days. Look for my posts daily to learn what you will do to practice and investigate what it is like for you to accept yourself.


It is Important to experience Self-Love and Acceptance. To learn to love ourselves unconditionally. We can free ourselves from the mind (judge and victim) and become who we came here to be. In self-acceptance, we can discover our gifts and begin to share these with the world. Until we focus into judging ourselves, it is unlikely that we can see and share our gifts. We can leave behind the negative thought processes and begin to vibrate a positive energy into our lives and the lives of those around us. When you discover the truth of who you are, you will no longer be attached to your pictures of perfect people or things to “make” you happy. Happiness will reveal itself gently in your life, and emerge from you

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds” Bob Marley

Challenge DAY1

In the morning listen to this very short meditation, then do the tasks throughout the day. See them below.

For the next 24 hours, catch yourself when you are seeking validation from the external world, whether from the people or the things around you. Remember, that these don’t define who you are.

During the day find some time to this. Write down 5 qualities or character traits you appreciate about yourself and include a time when these came into play. Suggestion: you may want to listen to the meditation again before you start doing the task.

Over the next week, look for things you appreciate about yourself to add to this list.

In the evening, before you go to bed, watch this video and do 5 rounds of tapping with 5 different issues. Follow the instructions in the video.

Source – happiness project and EFT Method

Let me know what you have discovered today by practicing the tools above!

Compassionate Insight

I recently created a new class – it is rather a precise group – that I call Compassionate Insight. It focuses on using this tool – Compassionate Insight – to create better relationships with ourselves and others. As a result we can become happier and more contented regardless of the environment we find ourselves in.

At the links below read and listen more about my journey to compassion and what this tool comprises. 

Compassion is HARD!

Audio of the post below

Why being compassionate is hard to do?

The answer is actually rather simple. It is because of our lack of self-care and lack of responsibility. 

Let me explain it!

When we suffer in our lives and our needs are not met, we find it hard to feel compassion towards others’ needs and hearing others’ issues with openness and understanding.

Let me tell you about my journey of discovery!

One day,  I was sitting through a six-hour meeting where people kept on forgetting to mute themselves so they caused a lot of background noise; some peoples’ audio was so bad that they were hardly audible; most of the time I could not figure out what the conversation was about because there was no structure to the meeting at all; people kept on interrupting each other (there were not guidelines introduced at the beginning) and the topics changed so abruptly that I could not follow the meeting. It was utterly chaotic.

Because I am on a practical journey of discovering compassionate insight, before the meeting, I decided to participate fully regardless of the challenges. I promised myself to stay compassionate and interested. I meditated and moved myself out of expectations and into a place of openness just before the meeting started. 

An hour and a half into the meeting, however, I found myself extremely frustrated and exhausted. I was outraged at the way the meeting was conducted and how pointless my attendance was.

It made me think. How could I bring compassionate insight into this situation? What do I need to know now? What am I frustrated about? What are my unmet needs? How am I not taking care of my own needs right now?

I  became aware of the following:  I am constantly short of time. I have different jobs and responsibilities that leave me very little personal time. I am very particular about what I am willing to spend my time with. When it comes to education, I expect good level of education for my money. I need the meetings that I attend to be informative, well-organized, and well-conducted by an expert educator. This meeting, in my experience, was none of these. I was also frustrated because I was in no position to communicate my needs.

Hey! It sounds like a victim story!

I had to remind myself that I create my own reality and I am responsible for my experiences. Non-violet communication, or NVC in short, says that we need to fulfill a request like a child feeding ducks, with joy. In short the request was that I attend this meeting and participate fully. The truth is that I could not attend this meeting with joy, so I shouldn’t have! NVC also says that we always have choices and by knowing that we can stop playing the victim. 

I was angry and frustrated because I felt like a victim. My needs for getting a good education was not met. But the truth is that my needs must be met by me. It is my responsibility to take good care of myself by making different choices.

Compassion must start with me!


No other way

“We should forget the hurts, the wanderings, the fears,
The wastelands of our life and know “
That we could come no other way or grow Into our good without these steps our feet
Found hard to take, our faith found hard to meet. “

Exerts. Written by Martha Smock, Editor of Daily Word in 20th century for over 30 years. Created by UnityUK and I.Kudlik. Video source:  S.James PIC source – Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash 

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Originally posted on 20 Oct 2022