Finding Depth – an exercise

Take 10 minutes of your day aside for this exercise. Make sure that you are undisturbed. Find a mirror, stand/sit in front of it. Set the timer for five minutes.

Take a deep breath in, then let it out. Look into your eyes. For the next 5 minutes keep eye contact with your own eyes. In the meantime, try and observe your thoughts and feelings. Try to notice how you Mind starts feeling uncomfortable with being faced with your Essence. Allow your feelings to rise. Your eyes are the door to your Core. Who do you see looking back at you? See what feelings show up and how your mind deals with them. Do you best to become an observer to yourself for five minutes.

Audio version of the above

2. After the five minutes is up draw a quick picture of yourself the way you just experienced yourself.

3. Listen to this song (link below) and/meanwhile journal about your experiences during this task.

4. Finally, watch this wonderful scene from Luc Besson’s Angel-A. Scene below.

Man in the mirror