MY IDEAL HOME – Collage making

This week, I am really hoping to see some great works of art!

This WEEKLY TASK is a joy and much fun to make and I encourage you to experiment with it.


I would like to ask you to create ‘YOUR IDEAL HOME’ as a collage.

Every piece of art tells a story, and this one could reveal some interesting ideas about what you truly consider ‘your home’ and how deeper parts of yourself looks at the concept of ‘HOME’.

In art lingo, collage simply means “to glue,” and is the assembling of different images or materials to create a new whole. It emerged as an artform in the early 20th century in the work of Picasso, Braque, and other artists, continuing through the present. One of the most famous photo collages and Pop Art classic, Just What Is It that Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing, is a quintessential example from the art world of how found images from a variety of sources are used to generate something completely different from their original intent.

Tools and Materials Needed:

So, put on some nice music and start looking through your assortment of magazines and cut or tear out pictures, elements and shapes that you like. Notice the colors, textures, and designs of your elements. Cutting creates hard edges on your pieces, whereas tearing creates softer, organic shapes and edges.

Arrange the pieces on your canvas in a design you like. Experiment with several variations and placements and notice the different effects of your designs. Add, subtract, tear, and cut your elements until you’re satisfied with your composition. This is your opportunity to explore possibilities before committing to the page. Take your time and enjoy this process.

Finally, find objects that add interesting texture, color, and design to your collage piece work well for assemblage. In this case, the colorful netting from a bag of oranges complemented the colors of my collage and added an odd netting texture. 

Attaching 3D objects like netting straight to your canvas might pose a challenge, but with some creative ingenuity you can figure out a solution that integrates with your design.


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