Why is self-awareness and insight so important?

It can be rather comfortable living a life without us having any idea why events happen in our lives. Moments come and go, and all we do is emotionally react to them. We either like them or we don’t. We do not need to take much responsibility in creating our experiences. When we like the events that are in progression, we become happy and joyous, hoping there will be more similar to come. When saddening events are upon us, we tend to gloom, complain and wish they would never return.

Life is funny kind of machine, however, it does not seem to respond to our wishes and hopes very much. It does respond to our aware focus very much, though!

Have you ever noticed that if you concentrated on a certain colour or a type of car for instance, yo suddenly started to see that colour or type of car everywhere around you? That’s what focus and awareness is all about.

Do you really think that the grass is greener at your neighbours? Do you believe that one is luckier than the other? No luck is necessary for having a fulfilling and happy life.

All you need, though, is clarity of who you truly are beyond the layers of misconceptions and what it is that make you truly happy. Life tends to cooperate greatly with undivided attention. So, why dont you focus on your greatness and abilities?

Maybe, you would also like to know that your life is actually NOT happening out there in the world. It is a misconception. The brain cannot differenciate between you physically living or just imagining an event. Your life therefore is the result of your attention and focus.

If your life does not resemble what you think you are capable of and what you wish for yourself then it is time to have a deeper look at where you ‘look’ most of your life because it is where you are going! If you concentrate of the unfairness and hardhisp of life, this is exactly what you are going to get because this is where you engage all your energies.

Well, who are you and what are those greatnesses that you seemingly ignore?

Making a journey into your self offers great discoveries and enlightening insights! Finding your answers to these questions above can be a life altering experience. Then, simply shift your focus from the ‘empty’ to the ‘full’!

“A self evident truth is that people who have a clear understanding of themselves enjoy more successful careers and better lives” – Tasha Eurich, organisational psychologist.