40 Days – Day 13

40 Days of Lent – From Release to Embrace

Rule 13

“Try not to resist the changes, which come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?”*

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Today, we are releasing Discouragement and embracing God’s Love for us. 

Our Lent Booklet reminds us today that discouragement stems from a sense of perfectionism and impatience.  We often expect too much of ourselves. We need to learn that mistakes are not failures, it is part of our progress. As we let go of discouragement we embrace our mistakes that is part of our learning and growing.

In my experience, change requires many learnings and mistakes. I am, at the moment, learning a new language and a new culture. I make tons of mistakes and I often feel ridiculous in my odd ways. Sometimes discouragement tells me to stop and crawl back to safety where I look composed and all together.

Today, I invite you to contemplate on Rule No13 and the quote below. Let me know how practicing releasing discouragement worked for you today. 

Do not be afraid or dismayed; be strong and courageous. Joshua 10:25

Today we affirm: When I make mistakes, I’m making progress.

*Rules are from ’40 Rules of Love’ by Novel by Elif Shafak. See more about the book here (click)  

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