The Power of Mandalas

It is a ‘funny’ story about coincidences!

After our Mandala session on a Thursday morning where we received a SYMBOL OF TRANSFORMATION that I personally found rather confusing at first, in the afternoon, I participated on a workshop run by a lovely American facilitator.

As we were contemplating on different matters, I once gain saw the sword similar to the one I drew that very morning as part of my TRANDFORMATIONAL SYMBOL. I was very surprised. I also saw a lady holding that sword with some kind of a halo around her head. She looked like an angel except that she was dressed like a warrior.

As soon as we finished with the meditation, I googled the image I saw. As it turns out, the image I saw was most probably Astraea, the Greek Goddess of the Golden Age. She is the Goddess of Justice (innocence and purity) who was the daughter of Zeus, an immortal among the mortals.

Suddenly, I remembered that the image we were to receive during our meditation and Mandala Making was a vision of a Symbol of Transformation.

So, now, as I am working on my Mandala – since have not finished it – I also contemplate in what ways Astraea talks to me, what message she may have for me, and in what ways I embody some of her qualities.

I keep on encouraging myself to look at this Transformational Mandala as a tool and contemplate or meditate on it. See what message it may hold for me in terms of your unique abilities and aspiration that may support me in times of uncertainty and change.


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