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Post Grid lazy load
I love that he created a world of his own and expressed it with much playfulness.
"The great advantage of openness-to-learning is that you’re in charge of it at all times ... "
When I become aware of what's bothering me or in my case why I am angry, I suddenly have a
Dr Gay Hendricks talks about the key factor on becoming successful: willingness to learn.
The genius of Sir Ken, reminds us through his jokes that life is truly about finding and living our inherent
I discuss my philosophy on how to free ourselves from
In this post I write about toxic emotions of the past that tint our happiness in the present.
Dr Joe Dispenza talks about negative emotions that we hold onto long enough so they become our identity and our
A wonderful song to affirm the good inside of us.
BEAUTY IN THE BROKEN, A wonderfully enlightening film on mental health, the way we look at it as a society