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Welcome to my blog page where I share more about creating art, using your creativity, developing spirituality, and myself. Click on a category of interest on the sidebar or see my latest posts below.

Post Grid lazy load
My life deepens and expands as I call upon my faith, courage, and tenacity.
Now I let go and let God by turning within and accessing my divine power.
"When I accept my humanity I can claim my divinity."
JOBS is my inspiration to keep on trying new things, changing and shaking the equilibrium.
The Enneagram system from a personal point of view, focusing on 'limitations'.
Depression is the signpost of something lost and being missed greatly.
What we believe in must be based on personal experiences.
Creating Gratitude Art allows me to see my daily blessings.
We should forget the hurts, the wanderings, the fears
Unity is based on five principles concerning God, goodness, thoughts, prayer and action.