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ICorinthians 13 beautifully talks about the human journey into Love or Oneness;
True self-knowledge is essential for one to establish a relationship with the Creator.
It is difficult not to like Alphone Mucha. I love the curves, the glitters, the glossy, shiny, glorious (mostly) female
These days we talk a lot about SELF-LOVE. But what does it actually mean? How do you practically love yourself?
In this article I am introducing one of my inspirations, Kandinsky,
... leave then, leave them behind. Yes, it is correct. Why doesn't an abused person leave his/her tormentors?
I first learnt about Frida when I visited Mexico in 1989. A friend who knew that I love art took
What is compassion? Compassion allow us to embrace each experience we have as it is.
Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives. It shapes the way we live, the way we love and
Positive thinking and positive attitude are two different approaches to life.