“This is the story of a girl/boy.”

So we can create a new picture right now when we are aware of the learning that we’ve gotten from our past and now when we have forgiven everything that we see as our mistakes as well as those people and circumstances that we feel have created some pain in our lives, too.

  1. Draw or print out a phoenix picture (see below)
  2. Decorate it with words of encouragement, heart statements, reminders of how great you are. You can also add pictures, photos, make additional drawings. Take some time to really just use whatever speaks to you.
  3. Make the picture that looks like as if the phoenix was emerging from a blaze of fire and ashes of the past. See mine as an example.


There is some MUSIC below that you can listen to while doing the task. Use the MUSIC that inspires you the most

Tango to Evora

Stanley Myers – Cavatina (The Deer Hunter) HD

BACH: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring