Projects’ overview

The programs I create aim to offer practical tools in the field of personal and competency development with special emphasis on using these tools in educational settings. My aim is to enable educators to respond to children’s ever changing needs. Some of the programs are for children age 8-12. These hands-on programs intend to support participants to learn social skills such as communication as well as develop successful personal strategies in everyday life.

  • Edu Coaching intends to enable educators to adopt a coach-attitude as they use the tools the program offers.
  • Kidz Dream Factory program aims to enable children participants to get in touch with their inherent greatness and unique abilities.
  • Seeing Beyond Developmental Program states that life is a creative venture and it aimes to enable children participants to become aware of and get in touch with their inherent creativity and start using it actively in different areas of their lives.
  • Introduction to Enneagram is a program I put together in order to support participant to gain greater clarity in what blocks them in achieving results and what elements of character to be aware of in order to become more contented. I also appreciate the spiritual element of this character-description system. Educators may use the content of the program to support children in their care in gaining awareness of unique approaches to life challenges.
  • Creative Leadership 1012&102 programs aim to offer practical tools for ‘leaders in their own right’ such as educators or small entrepreneurs in order to become inspiring and conscientious, lead by example, have integrity, create value as well as to be adaptable, self-aware and passionate.
  • Becoming Inspiring is a coaching style program for the elderly who wish to find their ‘second wind’ by inspiring themselves to live life to the fullest regardless of their age or conditions.
  • Creative Adventure Programs offer activities that develop cognitive abilities such as perception, attention, memory, motor skills, language skills, visual processing and executive functions.
  • Digital Storytelling Training offers tool and supports the participants to understand the wide use of DST, with particular attention to DST’s use in education. Participants are introduced to the elements of creative story writing and the digital tools that support the DST formation of these creative stories.

The training programs I provide are mainly for educators such as teachers, social workers, etc. and for parents and students, as well. These courses are self-developed and train-the-trainer kind of programs. Ideally, participants become sources of information; they pass on the knowledge and tools they learnt during the courses to fellow educators or run workshops with children at the institutions where they work.

I usually work together with educational institutions/training providers who offer training programs for educators and/or parents such as Communication Academy in Bulgaria, Divi Samodivi in Bulgaria, Essence Seminars in the UK and Hungary, Bridge-Hid Educational Charity in Hungary, Concordia Orphanage in Bulgaria, Bicske Orphanage in Hungary, Training Malta in Malta, Tracy Seed Associates in the UK, etc. I usually develop my programs in collaboration with other trainers and institutions in order to be able to respond to specific needs. Sometimes I am asked to develop a training program around a certain topic that is in the scoop of my specialty.

The trainings I create are in two main fields:

  • inner or personal development – programs such as Edu Coaching, Dzsuker Personal and Social Awareness Program for teenagers living in orphanages, Dream-Factory Developmental Program for re-teens, sELF Coaching Program, etc. Some of these programs are for children and teenagers as well as for educators who work with them.  These programs aim to support young people to be more aligned with their inner support system. They also intend to train educators to be able to support children in the cultivation of their inner strength and the discovery of their inner values and treasures in a creative and fun way.
  • creativity – programs such as Creative Leadership 101&102 for educators and small business entrepreneurs, ‘Out of the Box’ and ‘Seeing Beyond’ creativity and creative attitude boosting programs, Digital Storytelling in the classroom, Creative Adventure Programs. Most of these programs fall under the umbrella of Fostering Creativity in Education. These programs aim to develop creative muscles and shows how to use them actively in educational settings.

Please see detailed description of the programs above or at designated links on the website.