Why Revamp?

I call my coaching style REVAMP.

Revamp originally means the refurbishment of a pair of shoes. Vamp also means a seductress or femme fatale; derived from “vampire”. Revamping suggest change of something old to the new.

My favourite definitions is, however, “a complete reorganisation or revision”. This definition promises an overall transformation.


Are you seeking a deeper understanding of who you are… and greater insight into your unique gifts and talents?

Discover how to share your gifts in every area of your life, enjoy truly fulfilling relationships, and experience a deep sense of living “on purpose,” through the path of self-awareness and authentic self-expression.

Would you like to develop your strengths to truly serve your happiness… and that of others?



Coaching sessions with me are revealing and fun. During the coaching program you will gain insight of your inherent potentials, passions and dreams and will understand how to realise them in different areas of your life.

Over the years, I gained extensive knowledge and expertise in numerous methodologies and tools in order to be able to offer a tailor-made service to my clients. I employ my receptivity and creativity to gain insight into my clients’ potentials, issues, and needs and use the tools accordingly.

I can assists you to transform your life in order to create the kind of relationships and/or career that you dream for yourself. The best answers to all questions regarding your life is always within you. The solutions are ready for you to discover them. I can support you to recognise this inner voice and act upon it.

Through the coaching process I can also help you discover your inner treasures that can guide you towards more fulfilling choices and results.


I actually prefer the word consultant to coach. A coach reminds me of a bulky guy with a whistle in his mouth dictating the pace! 🙂 In my mind, a coach is more like a cheerleader, just to stay with sport references.

At the same time, I envision the coach to be a researcher and an explorer who discovers the hidden depth of the clients. Then, s/he consults the client on different ideas and actions steps towards a yet-to-be-achieved dream-state-of-being.

The coaching process has little to do with the ‘making’, it is rather a process of ‘becoming’.

In my mind, the coaching process itself is similar to an airplane flying from Point-A to Point-B. Though there seems to be a straight line laid out between the departure and the detestation points, actually, without the support of the air traffic controller who offers the pilot feedback on whether s/he is ‘on-course’ and ‘off-course’ in regards to the destination, it is an impossible journey. The plane would never arrive.



For me, coaching is also a creative process of continuous discovering. It is similar to treasure hunting. At every station, you, the client, discover something new about yourself that points you to the next clue. It is an exciting and nerve-racking process at the same time. As a coach/consultant, I am there with you at every step of the way supporting you to understand what the clue may want to communicate with you and where the next clue may lie ahead. I am walking this creative and exhilarating journey with you.



Being a creative – someone who is full of ideas! 🙂 – also adds numerous beneficial tools to my palette of coaching skills. I often encourage my clients to take a creative approach to their coaching process. This means that the client is encouraged to adopt a sense of curiosity – being out of control – to the process in order to discover both the hidden treasures and the invisible blockages along the way. I also uses therapeutic-art forms as coaching tools. I often run small group sessions that combines coaching and therapeutic art in order to seek a deeper understanding of who you are and greater insight into your unique gifts and talents; develop your personality strengths that truly serve your happiness and that of others; to transform deeply ingrained patterns limiting your growth; or to express yourself more genuinely, honestly and clearly. As an example we create a ‘Symbol Mandala on the story of our past and present’.

Therapeutic-art Coaching Tools can have power effect on our consciousness and bring about magnificent changes in our daily lives.



As the result of major changes in my life, I lost focus and was not able to move on with my life. In order to support myself and find my answers, I started studying and practising coaching in 2002.

During the following years I gained extensive knowledge and expertise in numerous methodologies and tools in order to be able to offer a tailor-made service to my clients.

I do this work for the ‘light-bulb’ moments, where choices become self-evident and the road ahead turns brighter.

“A self evident truth is that people who have a clear understanding of themselves enjoy more successful careers and better lives” – Tasha Eurich, organisational psychologist.