This is a post that I will use to share different material with you.

I would like to ask you to experiment with the different MIDWEEK TASKS I assign you here. Please do try them all. Observe how you feel about them, if you like them or not. They are your greatest allies on your journey of self-discovery, healing and success.


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Please upload your self-portrait into the SELF-PORTRAITS folder ON THE DRIVE if you have not done it yet.

In folder SESSION1 there is a GOOGLE DOC called SELF-PORTRAITS (CLICK ON THIS LINK then do the task presented there. I have copied the TASK down here below as well.

After having checked out every portrait please make notes of your observations in this google document above.

UNDER each name please write a few words/sentences about what you see (personality train, a quality, an expression, an experience) being shown in the PORTRAIT.

Please USE a FREE SLOT for your notes UNDER the name of the person who’s selfie you are commenting on.


TASK : Reading


I would like to ask you to read the text below and share your observation in EDMODO with the group. Thank you.

Audio version

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. Mark Twain

Fear is the great thief of happiness. It sneaks in closed doors and robs us of resolve and the commitment and ability to endure to the end.

Courage, on the other hand, is fear’s great nemesis. It challenges fear, pushes it back, and keeps it in check by taking steps toward its objection. Courage thereby shatters fear, sending it into obscurity.

Courage allows us to challenge our comfort zones, approach people and situations, embrace life and accept the pain that’s inevitable in all of life’s changes and challenges.

Source: 1000 Little things by


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  1. The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and DO IT! (expanding my comfort-zone)
  2. The only way to feel better about myself is to go out and DO IT! (building self-confidence)
  3. I am not alone. (Can you believe in something greater than yourself?)
  4. Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness.
  5. The FEAR never goes away but it does not have to stop me.

All you have to do to find the way out of your self-imposed prison is stay aware and enable your ‘full-cup’ thinking. In order to stay aware of your thoughts and emotions you need to become MINDFUL. You can practise mindfulness by watching the videos or listening to the audio material below, REGULARLY (preferably daily). *

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To understand what ‘full-cup’ thinking is please read the text below. In order to keep your fear at bay maybe it is a good idea to read the five FEAR TRUTHS above, contemplate on them, journal about them and practise them consciously.

* You can find similar videos for yourself if you like.

Note:Even if you do not think that ‘FEAR’ is a relevant topic for you, could you please do the exercises advised for the week and journal whatever thoughts or feelings surface? Thank you.

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Full-cup thinking

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Life is full of LOVE and HOPE. You may not believe me but it is TRUE. I spent most of my adult life being angry and critical. I can still do them! 🙂 But I keep on choosing not to! I choose to see the GOOD in life. I am not willing to indulge in FEAR or PAIN any more. It is easier said than done, I know. Our mind is a tricky machine! 🙂

You feel miserable/ fearful/ tired/ exhausted/ overwhelmed / etc. (**choose your own word) because you choose to! You are not conscious of your ‘making’ of it but it is still your making, nevertheless. Gaining awareness of how you trick yourself into these ‘feelings’ is key for a happy life. It is called developing self-awareness. Until you choose into feeling miserable in any way, you will feel ‘miserable’**.

It is my responsibility to find and choose the GOOD.

Choosing the GOOD does not mean that you are smiley or upbeat all the time. It means that you admit to the TRUTH: Life is a gift and I am grateful for it. You turn your attention away from your problems and turn it onto the ‘good stuff’. 🙂

I may feel miserable/tired/fearful/etc. right now but it does not prevent me from enjoying my life experiences. As long as you indulge yourself in what ‘pains**’ or troubles you, all our life energy is invested in that ‘problem**’.

Ask yourself this question right now: ‘What is one HABIT that makes me feel miserable**?’

As soon as you clarify that, you have removed the ‘gloom*’ lens from your vision. Now, you can start seeing what’s GOOD. There is plenty! 🙂

Ask yourself daily, ‘What can I do for myself to feel good about myself and my life?’ ‘What would make me SMILE right now?’ ‘What do I appreciate about my situation right now?’

** Please chose and substitute the feeling or emotion that you can relate to. E.g.: my feelings are ‘anxiety’, ‘exhaustion’, and ‘pain’.*


TASK: Meditation

I would like to ask you to meditate daily. Below you can find THREE DIFFERENT kinds of meditations. I would like you to try them all and find the one that you like the most. Then keep on listening to it! Preferably daily. 🙂 It should not take more than 5-10 minutes a day.

Use your time in meditation to gain awareness of your thoughts and feelings, practise MINDFULNESS, and learn to let go of your thought and feelings so to find peace within.

Remember that your strength lies in your ESSENCE, the CORE of who you are: try to get in touch with that part of you.

1 Mindfulness Meditation

2 Short Guided Meditation by Deepak Chopra

3 Magnetic Mind Vibrational Sounds 

If you’d like, please share your thoughts and observations with the group on EDMODO. Thank you!

  1. What is MINDFULNESS

Body Scan MINDFULNESS Meditation Practice

This a short guided meditation by Deepak Chopra.

At this YOUTUBE LINK OF MAGNETIC MINDS (CLICK HERE) you can find VIBRATIONAL SOUNDS that relaxes and enlightens the mind. Find the one that you enjoy the most and meditate with it. You can also find meditations for the different Chakras and more.



Please choose a TASK (action!) that requires courage to do. Accomplish it this week. It can be a difficult conversation, being honest with yourself or another. It can be that you spend 5 minutes everyday with yourself. It can be that you simply allow the other person to cope with his/her issues without your support. Whatever that makes you feel ‘uncomfortable’ when you think of it.

Please share your thoughts and observations with the group on EDMODO. Thank you!