So, where are YOU from?

This week we are going to experiment with the power of writing. Just like in the article, below, writing and journaling can save lives. Literally.

Writing, in fact, helps us to discover what we already know; it’s the process of streamlining our own ideas, a transformation that starts in our minds and is channelled through pen to paper. Transformation is the key word here, because words have the ability to change our way of thinking and empower us.

This Tuesday afternoon we are going to embark on a journey of self-discovery though poetry. We will write a Haiku poem about our ‘heritage’ titled:

’Where I am  from’

In this poem, I would like you to recap on your life from birth till now in 3-6 stanzas capturing the most important memories from your life.

What is a HAIKU?
It is a Japanese poetry style, each stanza has three lines where you need to count the syllables which are 5-7-5. Haikus usually come in 3’s – 3 stanzas. See examples below.

There are also a few videos to inspire you to dive in and experiment with this task! 🙂 Remember to have fun with it!

An afternoon breeze
expels cold air, along with
the fallen brown leaves.

Cherry blossoms bloom,
softly falling from the tree,
explode into night.

The warmth on my skin.-
Fire falls beneath the trees.
I see the sun set.

Summer here again.
Music plays sweetly, drifting.
And life is renewed.

A winter blanket
covers the Earth in repose
but only a dream.

An ocean voyage.
As waves break over the bow,
the sea welcomes me.

I am looking forward to your wonderful poetry.

Videos to inspire 🙂

Where are you from? by Emily Bailin 

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