Therapeutic-Art Game

In this task I will ask you to practice clearing out your mind daily. This task is designed to refocus, unload feelings, engage different parts of the brain and shift the energy.

Every day, take aside about 10-20 minutes to do this easy and fun task.

You will need:
A4 or A3 size paper
Coloured pencils or Sharpies
Some watercolour paint
water in a small container
at least one paintbrush
black Sharpie (or similar)

1. Take out an A3 sheet of paper and a black Sharpie
2. Put on some relaxing music
3. Start drawing random circles on the paper like the way dervishes dance, … round, round, and round … without much intention of precision
Like this – Watch VIDEO1

4. Then stat adding colour to the page. You can use Sharpies, colured pencils and/or water colour. Keep on adding colourful circles to your artwork.
Like this – Watch VIDEO2


Like this – Watch VIDEO3

In the meantime start noticing your thoughts as they appear and disappear without you doing anything with them. Just notice them, that’s all. Keep on focusing on your painting, the colours, the swirling circles …

5. Let your painting dry a bit then take out a pen or fine tip felt-tip pen. Start writing your thoughts down, just as they appear, without censoring them or thinking about them. Just allow them to flow onto the paper. Keep on writing until you hit a dry spell.


The goal is to keep on writing and releasing all your thoughts onto the paper. Letting them go.

6. When finished look at your art-work and notice how much calmer you have become and how peaceful your mind has become.

Keep on repeating this task daily for a week and notice the change!

Let me know your observations!