MANDALA: Circle of Wholeness

What is it about?

Mandala means “sacred circle” or “container of essence” in Sanskrit. 

The circle is a symbol of wholeness that has been used in ancient traditional healing worldwide.

The Mandala Art process I practice was developed by Dr. Judith Cornell as a modern expression of ancient sacred arts, using a simple colouring technique with white and coloured pencils on black paper to create luminous symbols representing aspects of wholeness.

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Gestalt – seeing the whole

There was a time when I was teaching how to draw. I really liked the so-called ‘right brain drawing’ principles and I used them when teaching drawing. These principles are practical but also deeply spiritual. One of the five principles is Gestalt: seeing the ‘whole’. Interestingly, seeing the whole is only possible when you are empty. You cannot see until your mind is full off ‘concepts’ of how it should be.

What you are dawning, be it a Mandala or anything else, is already perfectly present in your consciousness. You only need to ‘download’ it and give it a physical manifestation.

When drawing, the artist basically co-creates with the Divine Idea inside. When you look at the Mandala drawings they are deeply expressive and unique. Not even one is like another. Participants often report that their creations are unexpectedly ‘well-done’. It is because they were able to ‘channel’ the image onto the paper! 🙂 Gestalt, the last principle of a great artistic work, is about focusing into the ‘whole’ and manifesting it.

Michelangelo once said, that he saw David in a piece of marble and all he did was chipping away all that was not David. He held the Gestalt in his mind eye and matched it to the marble. Wherever it did not match, he chipped it away from the marble and allowed David to emerge.

Mandala Class&ZOOM Fatigue

Yes, I do understand how daunting it is to sit in front of the computer all day! That has been my life for almost a year now. Before? I have never been outdoorsy much but I have been active. My life and work required me to be on my feet moving about and buzzing. It has changed dramatically. At first, I spent a lot of time in front of the screen so to learn how live and work on-line. Then the weather got so unreasonable that I did not feel like going out much anyway. I am lucky that the house, where I am staying, has a garden so I can go out and get fresh air any time of day. Still, I don’t do enough of it.

I am literally relearning to go out and just enjoy being outdoors.

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The unique power of Mandalas

It is a ‘funny’ story about coincidences! After our Mandala session on a Thursday morning where we received a SYMBOL OF TRANSFORMATION that I personally found rather confusing at first, in the afternoon, I participated on a workshop run by a lovely American facilitator.

As we were contemplating on different matters, I once gain saw the sword similar to the one I drew that very morning as part of my TRANDFORMATIONAL SYMBOL. I was very surprised. I also saw a lady holding that sword with some kind of a halo around her head. She looked like an angel except that she was dressed like a warrior.

Astraea, the Greek Goddess of the Golden Age; the Goddess of Justice (innocence and purity)

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Mandala Making in Pictures


Contemplate on these sentences below.

You are whole. Even when you feel fragmented, you are whole.

• You are part of greater whole systems: family, community, country, Earth, Universe.

• You are a whole organic system made up of other smaller whole organic systems: body systems, organs, tissue, cells, microorganisms.

• Each whole system reflects the greater and smaller systems that are connected to them.

• You are not alone.

• You are not only connected to everything . . .you are everything.

• You are of the same energy as everything else—just a different frequency / vibration.

• Every system reflects every other system that it is related to.

• Your consciousness is reflected in the cells of your body and your state of being.

• Your consciousness affects your family members and your whole family system.

• Your consciousness affects everything in every system that you are part of.

• The consciousness of all of humanity is reflected in you and your cells. All of humanity is affected by your consciousness.

• Wholeness = Healing = Balance. Whenever you feel fragmented or imbalanced, it simply means that you are being called to balance yourself—to reclaim your wholeness. Illness and unrest is an indication that there is something in your life that needs your attention, and asking to be brought back into balance.

• Wherever you feel pain, uneasiness, sickness, or discomfort indicates where you need to focus.

• Healing is balance. Disease is imbalance.

• Reconnecting to Wholeness creates health and balance.

• Nature is always moving toward wholeness and balance.



Making mandalas using Judith Cornell’s methodology is a unique and creative way of finding holistic integration and healing.

Every Mandala you make will bring you closer to the truth of who you are! Based on Dr. Judith Cornell’s Mandala Luminous Symbols for Healing program, this is a themed mandala making program with the intention of making joyful and light-filled discoveries.