Compassionate Insight

I recently created a new class – it is rather a precise group – that I call Compassionate Insight. It focuses on using this tool – Compassionate Insight – to create better relationships with ourselves and others. As a result we can become happier and more contented regardless of the environment we find ourselves in.

At the links below read and listen more about my journey to compassion and what this tool comprises. 

Inner communication

Inner communication allows you to have a LIFE FULFILLED!

Can you answer the following questions?

  • Where did I come from?
  • Why am I here?
  • Where am I going?

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What is inner communication?

Me, Myself, and I

The three parts of the self have been described in many ways over the years. In my understanding: Me is the small-self or the inner-child that drives our actions. S/he provides us with the enthusiasm and stamina to act in the world. 

As you become more like a little child you will be more connected to your inner kingdom. Remember? 

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:3

S/he is also the part of us that communicates with the higher-self, the I.  As you connect to your basic-self – the ME-Self, you will understand the messages of the higher-self more. The Me-Self is playful, joyful, enthusiastic, and selfish (in a sweet and innocent way!). The I, the higher-self, communicates to the basic-self the ‘Divine messages’ of your true purpose and meaning, mostly through the action of Gratitude. Through Gratitude we are supported to open and allow the necessary changes to happen. 

Myself, is the conscious self. The conscious self gains clarity on who ‘I truly am’ and ‘how to express that’ through the communication between the Me-self (the inner child) and the I-Self, the Higher self. With that, the conscious self will become aware of what direction to take in life. S/he gains answers to life affirming questions such as:  What I really want? What direction do I want to take in my life? Why am I here?

With the awareness of all that, we can start taking greater responsibility for our happiness and living the life we meant to live.

Are you aware of the inner voices that run you life? Are these inner voices supportive of you and help you become happy or against you? It is essential that we become aware of these voices. Some of these are old voices of different relatives and people we grew up with. Some of these voices need to be turned off and dismissed so they will stop running our life into directions that is not supportive of us or our purpose in life.

The Inner Voices of Truth

These three selves described above have ‘inner voices’ that you want to become aware of. We often do not listen to their voices because we are trained as children to listened to the ‘adults’ around us. Until the age of 7, we are in touch with ourselves and able to hear and know what is happening inside of us though we may not have had the means to communicate all that to the outside world.  Then we started losing this connection because we turned outside towards our environment and took on some of their views and opinions instead of ours.

As a result, other’s sometimes negative emotional voices started running our life.

In order to have a happy and purposeful life you will need to reconnect with your ‘true-selves’, hear their voices and start acting upon them.

What to do?

First of all, we must take the time to listen within, so to speak. In meditation, in silent prayer and in pracitsing mindfulness you can gain insight into the different voices or tapes that run your actions (reactions). As we go through our days we need to stop and become aware of who is talking or who is guiding our actions right now by asking the question: Who is talking to me right now?  With listening we can now start distinguishing what messages work for us and what do not. 

The ones that do not work for us, we must dismiss or deny them and then overrun them with positive affirmations. We will eventually stop running these tapes and the unsupportive reactions that we developed along them.

As a result of gaining insight into your inner communication, you will uncover your own voices: the Me, the Myself and the I. As the three selves within become freed from the debris of ‘others’ ideas’, they become more God-aware. You will be able to act upon the God-aligned inner voices conveyed by the ME-Self or the basic self.

Key practises

Insight and Compassion

As we listen to our inner ‘tapes’ and look at mindfully our actions, reactions, and the words we use, we start becoming insightful of how we run our life and why. It can be a painful process to see how we limit ourselves. However, as soon as we become aware, we regain control over our choices. 

As we walk the road of insight, we will soon discover that the child inside, the ME-Self, wants to be LOVED unconditionally. In return, s/he will provide us with the fuel to accomplish our dreams.  So, if you want to have more energy and inner support for your ideas to become reality, it is imperative that you create a loving relationship with your inner-child, the ME-Self. You must embrace her/him with loving compassion, just as s/he is.  Similarly, as you become aware of the limitations that you impose on yourself by listening to voices other than yours, you need to embrace these limitations and reactions with loving care or compassion.

Affirmations and Denials

bring alignment and clarity into our life. By practising affirmations and denials you start creating for yourself with knowing of yourself and of God. With affirmations you use the power of the spoken word to bring experiences forth for yourself that is life affirming and fulfilling. Affirmations are statements or small phrases that address an issue in your life with a sense of Gratitude.

Vision Boarding or Treasure Mapping

are visual affirmations. Whereas affirmations are usually written statements, vision boards or treasure maps are visual representations of affirmative statements. Similarly to written or spoken affirmations, they enable you to bring forth fulfilling experiences.


is a state of mind. The attitude of Gratitude brings forth life experiences that are both positive and supportive. In Gratitude, instead of focusing on lack and misery, we focus on the learning and God’s ever present Grace in our life. Similar to compassion, in Gratitude we embrace our life as it is. With that we become open and receptive to the goodness that is ever waiting for us to tap into. 

Learn more about the programs I run to support you to develop your inner communication and insight:

Listen to a talk on the three selves here (clikc)

On Depression

To my personal experience, there is no deeper pain and sadness but the one that is resulted in loosing SELF. In my observation, we are mostly unaware of our ‘missing’ SELF, but if we pay attention to how we try to fulfill our  feeling of ’emptiness’, we can notice that something is out of joint.

The shopping sprees, workaholism, obsessive behaviour of any kind, alcoholism, etc. they talk to us, they tell us that something is missing, something is suppressed. In my experience, the lockdown has brough up a lot of the hidden pains and aches onto the surface. Maybe, it is time to look at them, instead of surprising them back down again into oblivion.

I do not hold the keys to your kingdom of happiness. You do. What I can offer is ways and tools to start to uncover the hidden gems of who you are.

My tools are artsy, creative, meditative, contemplative and most of all ‘jolificatious’ 🙂 Let me know.

Classes I run and services I offer:

Originally posted on 2 Nov 2022.

Steve Jobs on STARTING

As Jobs said:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.  You have to trust in something—your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

I have always found him inspiring. I do not agree with all he believed in but I can see how what he believed in worked for him and many others.

I was recommended to read this article  (CLICK) recently and these bits I found telling about how to START anything that can lead to running something successful. Vague, ha? 

People who eventually find success start by trying things. Lots of things. They succeed at some. They fail at others. They learn from those successes and those failures.

And this is how it is in my experience. I have tried many things. People laughed at me for keeping on trying something ‘new’ again. Though they were not new at all. They were just different aspects of the same road I was walking. And this road is often invisible to the untrained eyes. And this is the key, I think. I never let anybody discourage me. I maybe wrong, most of the time, but I am wrong as a result of my own choices not by somebody else’s. Plus I have learnt a lot. I keep on learning.  I may or may not be successful by definition of the world.

I, however, consider myself very successful. I have walked a path so far that I carved out for myself. I failed numerous times but it has never stopped me trying again and again. I have pioneered in creating services and surfaces that contributed to the life of many people positively. I am grateful for that. I may not be successful in terms of how much money I have, but I am rather rich in terms of ‘thank you!’s’. My focus has always been on creating products, services and surfaces that add quality and depth to the life of others. And I have done that so far very successfully. 

Getting here was a long and laborious road because I kept on ‘tryin out’ new things. I kept on changing the equilibrium and the way I see and experience things. I plunged into myself, stirred up the mud causing heartache and fear, then came out with little treasures. This approach has contributed greatly to the way I live my life. And my life has been, so far, a exciting adventure, full on living!


Gratitude and ART

The idea to run a Gratitude infused Art Class came about during the Lockdown. I felt lost and angry. My entire life suddenly was on hold. Because of the uncertainties, I had to live my residence, move to another country where I was stuck for over two years. At the beginning, all I could do was to complain. Why is it happening to me? Why did I make that decision? I should have done it differently. I hated the place where I was ‘stationed indefinitely’ and I could not see the way out.

As I kept on looking at the glass half empty, I started to get depressed. This was the moment when I thought that it just could not go on like this. I cannot change where I am or what is going on in the world, but I can change how I experience all that. So, I started a ‘daily blessings’ exercise which basically consisted of me sitting in a meditative position and trying hard to find things that I was grateful for on that day.

It was not easy. Because I like drawing, I decided to try to draw my days in a way that the picture would remind me of the fun things that I have in my life. To cut this rather long story short, eventually, I thought that others may benefit from having fun with counting their daily blessings, so I opened my ‘daily blessings’ sessions to the general public. The rest is history! 🙂


According to participants, the class supports them to become more mindful and creative. During the class we focus on addressing the shift from left-brain to right-brain activities, balancing the two hemisphere.  Colouring and drawing contributes to generating a state of flow. Participants can also develop their drawing skills. All in a fun and supportive environment.


Each class  addresses a different aspect of Gratitude and supports you to deepen your practice of expressing your Gratitude towards the blessings in your life.

Find out more about the Class here (Click)


UNITY in the UK is introducing a new and creative way to experience GRATITUDE!
​Tap into your artistic skills, because everyone can draw!

A fun and practical class:
  • Take part in short meditations to become more present and aware of the blessings in your life.
  • Watch fun videos on how others approach Gratitude.
  • Listen to wonderful songs to find inspiration for your creative journaling practice.
  • Create a piece of colourful artwork related to what you feel grateful for that day, to generate more of what you are thankful for in your life.

Dates and Times of the ART GRATITUDE Classes held in 2022
7-9pm (UK time) on ZOOM.

Upcoming DATES in 2022
24th October
7th November
21st November
5th December
19th December

Upon your registration, you will receive an email with the Zoom Link and further instruction in preparation for the class. Thank you for your understanding.

Each weekly session addresses a different aspect of Gratitude. It will also support you in deepening your expression of Gratitude towards the blessings in your life. Along with that, your creative side will have an opportunity to come out and play.

Tap into your artistic skills, because everyone can draw!

According to participants, the class supports them to become more mindful and creative. During the class we focus on addressing the shift from left-brain to right-brain activities, balancing the two hemisphere. Colouring and drawing contributes to generating a state of flow. Participants can also develop their drawing skills. All in a fun and supportive environment.



My Gratitude Art-Journaling Booklet from 2021

Made with Padlet


How to use your inherent abilites?

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