The healing power of drawing

“Creativity is the answer, not bitterness”

CHAOS DRAGON AND THE LIGHT – official trailer

DESCRIPTION OF THE COMPLETE 60-MINUTE FILM: Marika Henriques is a Jungian therapist, a survivor of the Holocaust and the creator of extraordinary art. Now in her 80s, she tells her story for the first time. The documentary’s central themes, of the trauma of war, migration and the refugee experience, are powerfully resonant today. As a young girl, Marika was hidden from the Nazis in a Budapest cellar. Separated from her own family and unsure of their safety or whereabouts, she had to pretend to be someone else’s child to stay alive. This 60-minute film explores the importance of identity and who we become when our identity is stolen. And it is a story about how creativity can help us process inner trauma. Marika was able finally to face the deep wound inflicted on her all those years ago through drawing. These pictures portray a powerful psychic and emotional journey, from the re-discovery of a mute and terrified child, through the loss of her identity, to the horror of the holocaust and her perilous escape from communism. Gradually, over several decades, Marika worked her way to a place of transformation and healing. Marika tells her unforgettable story with insight and emotion. Her interview is intercut with images of her father’s extraordinary illustrated diaries, archive footage and Marika’s mesmerizing drawings and tapestries. “The cumulative impact is assaultive, inspiring, intriguing and moving by turns” Review in The Journal of Analytical Psychology, November 2023 (Catriona Wrottesley)

Director – Sal Anderson
Executive Producer – Tracey Gardiner
Editor – Natasha Westlake
Co-producer – Steve Gough
Cinematographers – Roland Denning & Ian Liggett
Music – Alex Heffes
Sound Editor & Mixer – Adrian Rhodes
Production companies: Iridescent Films; Raw Productions (c) 2023

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