My programs (classes and workshops) are playful, interactive, and adventurous. I use coaching, therapeutic-art and meditative tools.

Embrace who you are!

Is Spirit’n Art Enrichment for you?

  • Would be interested in creating your own Mandala that reflects your inner world? – Spiritual Mandala Making Workshop
  • Would you be interested in generating more abundance, delight, connectedness and blessings in your life by expressing your Gratitude in Pictures? – Gratefulness ART-Journaling Class
  • Would you be interested in taking part in playful and artistic activities of self-discovery; releasing unsupportive emotions and thoughts; discovering how you are perceived & how you experience Love in a unique way; and more? – Therapeutic Art Enrichment Program
  • Would you like to love and appreciate yourself more? Come and learn the tool Compassionate Insight! – Compassionate Insight thru ART and Creativity Workshop
  • Would you like to create a vision board that expresses past and foretells your future giving you focus and vision? – Vision Boarding Workshop
  • Would you like to create a digital story that expresses your unique identity and your ‘inner workings’? – Digital Storytelling Workshop
  • Would you like to became part of a supportive and encouraging community of like-minded people?

A hospitable mind and an open heart create magical experiences!

I am looking for collaborators and organizers for my classes. If you are an event planner or just looking for meaningful art-infused classes to share with your friends, please get in touch.

Read more about the different programs I run at the links below