About Me

Happiness is a shift in focus from the gloom of the world to the Grace of Love.”

My life IS being CREATIVE and making ART. My mission IS to support you to EXPRESS yourself CREATIVELY in order to experience JOY and a deep sense of CONNECTEDNESS

I am a perceptive and thoughtful creative who strives to deepen her experiences of life. I believe life is a co-creation with the Divine regardless of the name we call it.

For me, art is about the ‘making it’, not the ‘end result’. My classes focus on enjoying and having fun while creating.

I have worked in many capacities. Some out of need, others out of joyful curiosity. However, I have never deserted my one passion: the Arts. I have been creating since I was about 3 years old.

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I am a modern polymath who has lived all over the globe and have done more different jobs than the years I have lived so far! Every culture I live in, every person I connected with, and every job I endeavoured have added to the person I am today.

My brand, SPIRIT IN ART was founded in 2011. I created Spirit in Art Enrichment Programs out of my passion for Art and Self-Care. By combining the two, I support people to recover their sense of creativity, to enhance their flow of creative energy, to ignite their Spirit, and to get closer to the Core of Who They Truly Are. I offer programs that enrich body, mind and soul.

I strive to enable people to gain insights, regain their creativity, expand and flourish on the different surfaces (courses, workshops, seminars, educational settings) I create. I’d like to see more loving connections in the world via people gaining greater awareness of their wholesomeness and as a result, developing compassion for one another.

My programs are playful, interactive, and adventurous. I use coaching, therapeutic-art and meditative tools in the programs I run.