A little girl, an armchair and a marker pen

When I was about three years old, my parents bought a new set of armchairs that was very fashionable at the time. It looked something like this:

The chair looked sad to me

As you can see there are three buttons on the top of the front of the chair. Ours only had two of those.

When I looked at the chair I saw it looking back at me with sad eyes. I just could not leave it in its miserable state, so I quickly circled the eyes, drew smiling lips and a ping-pong ball nose in the middle.

I was excited to make our new guest happy!

My parents weren’t so happy

When my parents realized I’d used permanent markers on the new armchair, they were understandably livid!

I was badly scolded and prohibited to use markers any more.

The event shaped me

The event (mostly my parents’ reaction) made me question my artistic abilities for a very long time (but did not stop me creating!) Additionally, the environment that I grew up in did not think much of the artsy-types so I “needed” to find a “profitable” profession to appease my community. This is how I became an educator.

Art and creativity have always been part of my life

Even though the above event put into question the ‘rightness’ of my art…art and creativity have always been part of my life in some way or another. Probably because of my early experience I felt passionate about keeping the inner child alive, curious and playful, which comes through in all that I do.
I have created different artistic and creative projects, taught many children and adults about how to enhance their creativity and so called ‘right brain seeing’.

Lockdown helped me to face my demons

It took me a year under COVID lockdown to actually face my demons. The shadow with-in that had prevented me from fully investigating the touchy-feely artist inside of me. It was during lockdown that I remembered the story of the armchair.

I looked within and started to combine my two passions: Art & Creativity and Self-Care.

My classes and workshops are full of colours, art, creativity and Divine Inspiration.

Creativity is life itself

Creativity is the way we discover ourselves, the depth of who we truly are and it is also the tool through which we express our uniqueness in the world.

Creativity is a way of being

A creative person is deep, compassionate, adaptable, resilient, bold, self-aware and more. Creativity is not only for those with an artistic vein. We are all creative in some way or another. Moreover, we are all unique beings who are expressed in most magnificent ways.

It is my personal responsibility to find out who I truly am ‘when nobody’s watching’ and follow my inner calling wherever it may take me.
My main task, above all the other roles I play in my life, is to allow myself to be happy.

I would love for you to join me on a journey of creative curiosity, where we bring the unseen, shy, unheard and vulnerable self out to be seen, understood and accepted in all their glory whilst in a safe and healing space xxx