I surrender all personal plans to Spirit.

“It’s not always easy to understand that we are not being punished by God, when things go horribly wrong. We have to let go of any idea that we are something separate from God. We have to release any thought that we are somehow undeserving of God’s love. We have to cleanse our consciousness, purify our thoughts to reflect that we are the Beloved of God, that the Light of God is always within.”

Fillmore writes

“There must be a renunciation or letting go of old thoughts before the new can find place in the consciousness.” 

Charles Fillmore

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5 minutes on Life

“Life is like a box a chocolate, you never know what your going to get.”

Forrest Gump

In my experience, meaningful Life is about a personal evolution and a learning curve in which one needs to unlearn what is untrue and learn the truth about one’s true identity.

I think Life is very different for us all even though the aim is the very same. We all walk an individualized journey with one sole purpose, that is to become one with the Father.

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What does it mean to be ORIGINAL and how to live it? As I child I remember having an odd effect on other children that made them run away from me. Most of my classmates and teachers did not like me very much. Apparently, I was too intense to be around.

There was only a handful of kids who were willing to play with me. Most of them are still my friends today. We were never a gang or a group but we spent time with each other during breaks or after school, mostly one on one. 🙂

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Dream vs Experience


In Pixar Animation Studios’ feature film “Soul,” Joe Gardner is a middle-school band teacher whose true passion is playing jazz. A single unexpected step sends him to the cosmic realms where he finds the “You Seminar”—a fantastical place where Joe is forced to think again about what it truly means to have soul.

In Pixar Animation Studios’ feature film “Soul,” Joe Gardner is a middle-school band teacher whose true passion is playing jazz. A single unexpected step sends him to the cosmic realms where he finds the “You Seminar”—a fantastical place where Joe is forced to think again about what it truly means to have soul.

So, I watched the film.. (Must see, by the way!) In my understanding, the film depicts the Soul’s journey into and out of the physical realm as well as shows the kind of choices we make to experience the soul’s journey. Beyond all that, it personally talked to me about Passions and dream. I am not sure that my interstation is what the makers intended. Nevertheless, it made me contemplate on Life, Dreams, Passions, Fulfilment, and the Greater Journey called Life.

This animation reminded me that Life is not meant to be about pursuing dreams and passions but about experiencing the journey. Our Dreams are only signpost of what maybe or what’s possible.

I do not want to suggest that we float though life. I am talking about releasing attachment of what should be. Wishing to express and fully be present to the I AM within is not the same as pursuing a dream.

The Divine Spark within wants to express itself with the help of our EGO self. Often, however, the EGO self takes over and wants to run the show. And when it does, it is never satisfied. Nothing is ever enough. This is when life becomes an endless pursuit of happiness.

Personally, the film was a powerful reminder of how I waste my life away by constantly being fixated on something to ‘get’. My mind is endlessly occupied with what needs to be done. It is locked in the grip of ‘wanting’ and ‘needing’ until it gets what it desires.

In the film, there is a moment when the main character, Joe, says after his most precious dream has just come true: ’ Is that it’?

OMG, countless times have I experienced the same! As soon as I get what I so wanted, it dissipates and in the vacuum immediately a new dream pops up. I can pursue dreams until the cows come home because I have the stamina to do so. I have manifested most of my crazy ideas but sadly in the meantime I have mostly forgotten to just walk the journey. I can be so fixed on the end result that I forget that the journey, the way I get there is much more important than what I get at the end of it.

We are all hooked on a dream or a goal that keeps us busy until we reach. But as soon as we do, we are on to the next dream without noticing the journey, the living, the I AM. Maybe, it is time to stop and remember these great quotes from the film:

Life is full of possibilities. You just need to know where to look. Don’t miss out on the joys of life. Like, uh, Pizza… Get ready, your life is about to start!

Joe Gardner (SOUL)


The Art of Digging :)

Gardening is my new Mojo! It is my latest therapy! I would have never thought that weeding can be so much fun. 🙂


I thoroughly enjoy kneading the earth as I am sieving the weeds out of it. It does actually feel much like the preparation stage of baking. But the true reason why I am so keen on digging the soil is that it reminds me of my childhood, the fun time I had in the sand box. I used to love spending hours making sand castles or cooking sand food.

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COVID Mind-Game

What you put into your mind becomes your reality.

Yesterday, I realized that there is a side affect of the COVID craze that I had not see before.

I was having a heated argument for-and-against vaccination and we were sharing about what we think and how we feel about the virus itself and the situation that surrounds it. I shared with vehemence how silly I tfound this overblown fear that surrounds COVID. Then, suddenly, I got in my face someone’s hands-on experience with colleagues and friends suffering from COVID, the difficulties dealing with it and recovering form it. I understood from this sharing how some young and healthy people become utterly ill and as a result feared dying.

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How it all started?


Well … when I was a child, I was told that I was odd because I had ‘strange’ ideas that nobody could seemingly understand. Plus, I lived in a rather grey environment called socialistic communism where colourlessness was the norm and you were expected to conform. Well, I was not one who easily left a question unanswered, though.

(Read a personal story about my childhood below)

So, I decided early on that if the world around me is too scared to answer my bold questions I would go and find my own answers myself. And so I was off. I left home, then I left the city, finally, I left the country in search of answers.

The most surprising discovery I made over the years was that our answers to any existential question is answered within our own selves. I spent much time reading clever books and looking for someone to answer my queries until I realised that the only question I was truly searching an answer for was ‘who am I?’ Finding the answer to this very basic question opened up the whole world to me. It is sometimes too big to bear!

Knowing myself, my true values, inherent abilities and what I stand for as a human being gave me complete freedom in choosing my experiences.

I do not live the perfect life. I do not believe it exists. I live a life of insights and discoveries. It is a magical world both inside and out. I am still a ‘girl in progress’.  🙂 

My main focus in life is to find the most fulfilling ways to express my multifaceted being.

One such layer is my caring nature that wants me to support others to gain insights into their own extraordinary being.

How about you? What is your story?

My Truth is My Truth!

UP-CLOSE & PERSONALIn preparation for Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday, and I was wondering what to focus on for this Lenten season.

So, what is my personal focus for Lent this year? What am I going to FAST on or LET GO OF?

My intention is to stand my ground and allow others to be in their upset without me being in reaction with them. I will only take responsibility for what is mine!

So, the story behind my Lenten intention is called ‘what makes a good person‘.

When I was a child I was told that good people are smiley, kind, agreeable, approachable, generous, disciplined, obedient and such, someone who makes others feel good and happy. So as a child, I strove to be good, not for myself really but for those around me. I wanted them to be happy. I made them laugh, I had good grades, I was on a successful gymnastic team, my kindergarten teachers wanted to adopt me and my elementary school teacher adored me. I won most competitions I entered.

Life was good. I was good. I was approved.

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What is hindering you from living the best of you?

I only reap what I have sown.

I am a pest basically…I am constantly on somebody’s case about becoming aware of the reality of their existence. I want others to see how they fog their senses in order to avoid facing facts and often emotions. It is perhaps a bit cruel of me to do that but I believe it is also helpful. When you see the truth, you suddenly have different choices available to you. Sometimes this new choice is simply accepting that you cannot make a different choice! Hahaha!

I believe in seeing clearly.

I believe in seeing clearly. Though it is a painful process, it is also liberating. Until you become aware, you flounder. Until you see the truth of your existence, you cannot make different choices, you only pretend that you do. I must admit though that awareness is a gift of grace, it does not come naturally to us humans. The world we live in values false images and pretence, the great enemies of honesty and authenticity. When you become aware of the reality of your existence, your thoughts, feelings, fears, etc. you become authentic. It is only the first step to any change but it is a crucial one.

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Therapeutic-Art + Me

I’d like to share a bit about the way I use mandala and therapeutic-art making for ‘healing’.

Actually, I don’t like the world ‘healing’, I prefer the word ‘letting go’. It is because I don’t think that there is anything wrong with us, anyway. The word ‘dis-ease’ perfectly demonstrates that.

All that happens is that we get disjointed from the Essence of who we are, the Divine within

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