MANDALA: Circle of Wholeness

What is it about?

Mandala means “sacred circle” or “container of essence” in Sanskrit. 

The circle is a symbol of wholeness that has been used in ancient traditional healing worldwide.

The Mandala Art process I practice was developed by Dr. Judith Cornell as a modern expression of ancient sacred arts, using a simple colouring technique with white and coloured pencils on black paper to create luminous symbols representing aspects of wholeness.

Mandala is a form of Energy Expression

The vibrations of Intention, circular symbols, light, colour, and sound are used for communicating with the Divine within and transformation.

We create luminous symbols using meditative and creative visualization, sound, colour, and light to support transformation and manifestation of intentions.

No previous art experience or talent are required.

Mandala classes focused on specific themes are offered regularly online, as scheduled and on request.

Following a class on illuminating mandalas, participants can continue with creating heart centred mandalas for various Spiritual Qualities.


***Top picture is from Dr Judith Cornell’s book.