The other day, I listened to Roger Hamilton the creator of GeniusU and Wealth Dynamics. He was talking about a greatly changing world that will look very different from what we ‘know’ now. In 5-6 years time, the way we approach work will be very different. There will very likely be an end to big corporations who supply workplaces and jobs that are soulless. Meaningless chores in an ‘only-for-money-to-spend’ kind of employment will be probably be scarce.

So,where are we going to work?

It is very likely that we all will be required to know what we are good at and collaborate on the basis of that.

Co-labor-aition will the be the key to finding meaning, contentment and a sense of service in our lives. Knowing the worth of your unique abilities will be the core of your success.


One of Roger’s interesting articles. It is so easy to judge out of ignorance and lack of responsibility. Instead we could learn from those who actually show the way ahead into a new age of employment. ARTICLE