Creativity&Art in Coaching



Being a creative – someone who is full of ideas! 🙂 – also adds numerous beneficial tools to my palette of coaching skills. I often encourage my clients to take a creative approach to their coaching process. This means that the client is encouraged to adopt a sense of curiosity – being out of control – to the process in order to discover both the hidden treasures and the invisible blockages along the way. I also use therapeutic-art forms as coaching tools.

I often run small group sessions that combine coaching and therapeutic art in order to seek a deeper understanding of who you are and greater insight into your unique gifts and talents; develop your personality strengths that truly serve your happiness and that of others; to transform deeply ingrained patterns limiting your growth; or to express yourself more genuinely, honestly and clearly.

As an example we create a ‘Symbol Mandala on the story of our past and present’. Therapeutic-art Coaching Tools can have powerful effects on our consciousness and can bring about magnificent changes in our daily lives.

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