Mandala Making Supplies


The Apps we will use

  • MICROSOFT TEAMS will be our classroom and for meetings. (It is free to download) 
  • PADLET is where we display the progress and development of our work. (please register and download the app onto your smart phone and/or your tablet)


CANDLE – The program involves many different types of meditations and visualisations, so it is worth having some candles (physically) at hand or you can use one of the CANDLE APPs on your phone during meditations/visualisations.

Art Supplies

General materials

  • Scissors
  • Different kinds of colourful magazines
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Compass
  • Sharpies – different colours
  • Coloured pencils
  • Plain white paper
  • silver gel pen

American Art Supplies

  • 3 sheets 19″ x 25″ black Strathmore Charcoal paper or black Canson Ingres Vidalon, Canson Mitentes black charcoal drawing paper or large pads (approximately 16 sheets of paper per pad), or a large sheet of Arches black cover stock.
  • 2 white Prismacolor pencils

European Art Supplies

  • 3 large sheets 700 mm x 500 mm black Oaler Ingres Rowney charcoal paper (made in England), or black Canson Ingres Vidalon 50 x 65 cm, or Canson Mitentes drawing paper (made in Annonay, France). There are other black pastel papers in Europe. You may need to experiment with them to see which side of the paper is best to draw on for creating the most radiant scale of light.
  • 2 while Berol Karisma Colour pencils (made in England)

Please see the link for ideas


  • It is a suggested that you youse your computer or tablet for ZOOM and your phone or tablet for PADLET.
  • Could you pls register with ZOOM, download the APP to your laptop and/or phone and get a bit familiar with it. There are many videos out there explaining the basics. You do not need to become an expert but it is a good idea to know the basics.
  • You will be provided with a website link that has all the audio and video material on it, so it is advisable to have at least one additional gadget (phone, tablet, PC, notebook, computer, etc.) to support you.
  • Regarding PAPER you will need thick black water colour type paper. I suggest you get at least 4-5 pieces of A4 or bigger size sheets or a craft book (see the picture). I have a Paperchase black craft book for making Mandalas.
  • Regarding PENCILS, you will need ‘oily’ pencil. We will only use white one at the first, but if you like to continue making mandalas this way (I will explain it during our session) it is best to buy a pack of different colours. The best brand of pencil for these Mandalas is PRISMACOLOUR but you can also try MARCO RENOIR pencils too. They come in different sizes, you can also buy them by the piece on eBay and Amazon. ( LINK1 LINK2 LINK3 )

Let me know if you have any questions or you need support.

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